Scotland ahead on jags

They, BBC, loved it when Scotland, after following the JCVI guidelines to jag all the care home staff and residents before all other groups, did lag behind on the less at risk groups.

You’ll remember Andrew Marr in January 2021, frothing at the First Minister: ‘Scotland is lagging behind England’ and Reporting Scotland repeating the claim for weeks but, now, where are they?

Scotland has been ahead on first doses since mid July and has just caught Wales, in first place, on second doses.

BBC Wales were quick to praise NHS Wales when they hit 50%. BBC Scotland? Not in the public interest when we excel?

5 thoughts on “Scotland ahead on jags

  1. Did you see that these mealy mouthed people who write the Wales site on the BBC have actually published a balanced article which includes quotes from groups supporting the Covid passports!

    Do they not know they are supposed to give one sided pieces with splenetic hospitality owners foaming that their industry will be devastated??????

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  2. As each day passes little do those in charge at Pacific Quay realise that the rope and noose hanging upon their necks
    Shortens and tightens upon each and every vile piece of propaganda beams out
    Matters not how small the space between their twitching toes and terra firma is
    One day their future employment shall dangle as they swing in The Winds of Change

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      1. Alex
        But please note this my comment refers to their future employment prospects
        I choose my words with the utmost of care
        Why because just 1 little word can mean
        Many different things
        To many different people
        On many different occassions
        The Devil is not in my words nor the detail
        The devil is in the interpretation

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  3. I’m sure there is a good scientific reason for BBC Scotland to give precise (and not meaningful) numbers for vaccinated people, rather than the percentage of the potential target group, as their colleagues in ‘the London news’ do….


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