Get your facts right

Cochrane is a long-established Uncle Tam fighting for the Union from the offices once inhabited by the likes of the clearly Scottophobic Johnson.

He thinks we cannot be as rich as Denmark.

Let’s remind ourselves of what Scotland has and tell me which of these Denmark can match?

I’m not going to check. I feel sure, the answer is ‘not that much.’

Denmark has had to do it the hard way.

What they do have, of course, is a long history of independence. We should get some of that too.

They do have lots of pigs too.

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14 thoughts on “Get your facts right

  1. I had the misfortune to be in the same class at school as Cochrane. He was a pompous ass then and times clearly have not changed. As far as I can recall the only subject he was good at was speaking…loudly.

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  2. Cochrane’s a cracking example of the blustering blowhard school of Unionist House-Jocks who you think must’ve died out but haven’t- I remember similar 40 fags- a-day,saloon bar types pumping out predictable pieces since the ‘70’s. It obviously pays well!

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    1. Yep. Guess who will be cut off first if Brexit means power cuts? Prices are rocketing I hear, and the UK (England) imports rather too much energy to be secure and to can’t ensure they won’t run out. Hmm.

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      1. I believe that prices have risen because there was a fire down south that affected the electricity supply that is imported from Europe via an interconnector. So much for security of supply.

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        1. Perhaps consider profiteering rather than cause->effect, all these firms have massive insurances.
          On the “security of supply” point you are completely correct, England has been totally reliant on imports for everything including power for some considerable time, which is why europeans thought Brexit a suicidal proposition.


      2. An interconnector between France and the UK has had a problem (think it was a fire) and wont be back for about fully till March next year – wholesale prices have “skyrocketed”, it is said (interestingly I had a bit of a search for this report on Reuters – nothing I could find easily in UK msm!)
        Here’s another one for you. I came across a map of Europe with electricity transmission charges for each country.
        North Scotland £7.36 MwH
        South Scotland £4.70 MwH
        Whole of England and Wales £0.49 MWH (yep 49 pence!)
        Then we look to Europe
        What do Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Germany, France, Czech Republic, Netherlands and Luxembourg all have in common? Their transmission charge is £0.00, nothing, nada
        Ireland £2.12
        Norway £1.36
        Sweden £1.00
        Denmark £0.34
        Belgium £0.77
        Finland £0.80
        Put another way, the closest to the Scottish situation is Ireland which pays less than half what South Scotland pays. Even England and Wales pay about 10% of the charge in the south and 6.7% of the charge in the north.
        Look at the geography of Norway, which is arguably more demanding than Scotland and yet Norway producers pay 29% of the South Scotland charge and 18% of the North Scotland charge


  3. I often wonder at the audience for Cock-a-leekie and his nasty wife’s ranting Ultra Britnat stuff.
    Are they Scottish? Do they believe their own country is 3rd world as Cockers portrays it?
    Poor, sad people.

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    1. Easy to scoff at this guy, but in his book on the referendum he actually admits to doctoring (or spiking – cant remember which – maybe it was made up) a story at the encouragement of Alistair Darling. He saw it as his political duty.


  4. Does anyone actually read the absolute guff this man writes?. His standard of journalism and writing is piss poor, and believe me that is being kind. I hate his kind, Neil Oliver is another one, fine, if you don’t fancy independence and can put up a good argument t state your case, I will stand and applaud you, you have convictions that you stand by. People like Cochrane have no convictions, other than taking their 30 pieces of silver.


  5. The Tories think that decades revovering from Brexit is worthwhile in order to free themselves from the tyranny of European social democracy.
    I don’t think it would take that sort of time scale for Scotland to reverse that process,because we will be joining nations of similarish outlook who are prepared to pool and share resources for mutual benefit.
    England’s Tories are only interested in benefitting themselves and that goes for those who support them.


    1. I dont know if you follow Icelandic politics, but they have just elected a broadly social democratic government, which means for the first time in some time all the nordic governments are broadly social democratic. If we accept social democracy as the centre of gravity of Scottish politics then it would be just what Johnson and his ilk would want to see – a whole wall of social democratic governments right across the north or Europe, and including Scotland

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