Labour MP accused of ‘selling out Scotland’ and risking jobs

Under the Butcher's Apron: the Scottish Labour right's embrace of British  nationalism
Ian Murray, the last Scottish Labour MP with leading British Nationalist, Pam Gnash

In the Edinburgh News yesterday:

Climate change: Scottish government’s failure to oppose Cambo field shows SNP’s love affair with oil continues – Ian Murray MP. As a new parent, the climate emergency keeps me up at night like never before.

Leaving aside the fact that Zola (after Emile?) was born more than a year ago, new parent Murray, playing the creepy exploitative parent in the tradition of Gummer and Cole-Hamilton, is this the Labour position on oil and gas extraction?

Has he checked with his Tory allies in the New British Nationalist Pact? The Tories have already accused the SNP of selling out Scotland on the new Cambo field. Anas is keeping quiet but Starmer is openly agin it – what Labour divided, confused, no?

Footnote on Zola (Emile):

In 1870-1871 Zola was a republican, but not a socialist, certainly not a revolutionary. His political naivety was compounded by the fact that he still had to supplement his income by working as a journalist.,by%20working%20as%20a%20journalist.

That fits.

7 thoughts on “Labour MP accused of ‘selling out Scotland’ and risking jobs

  1. Love the suit. Ian ! It says all one needs to know about your allegiances – not to the Labour Party but to your Tory , unionist constituents who keep you in your job !
    Bet the underpants match !


    1. What underpants? An Embra’ man?
      “Union Jock” suit, and nae knickers.

      And nae policies, principles or hope.
      When Starmer goes, then goes oor Ian also, a Britnat stooge, reliant on Tory votes to prop him up.


    2. Me thinks that only possible thing that causes Ian Murray sleepless nights
      How can i possibly keep my seat at the next election
      When the hell is that brown envelope going to present itself from my Masters
      In London

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  2. And when pray did Murray raise objections as a Westminster MP to criticise HMG’s decision over Cambo regarding Climate Change ?
    As to his claim that “the climate emergency keeps me up at night like never before” 🤣, how about “I’ve never given a toss about climate change and never will, but the bairn wakes up at all hours these days”.

    This inane dribbling over what SG have no powers to control appears to be a Labour Party trait, Jackie Baillie a regular abuser of the ruse in Holyrood.

    As has been said a thousand times, it isn’t oil and gas which has wrecked planet Earth but burning it…

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  3. Polluting the world with more kids. What is the world coming to. Hypocrite.

    Labour killed and mained millions. Ruined the world economy. Support Trident, nuclear and the rest. Dumping the waste in Scotland. Labour waste of space, time and monies. Selling illegal arms worldwide. Wasted £Trns that could have been better spent. Leaving a massive financial mess. Making people poorer.

    Labour supporting Brexit and Austerity. The cost of living going up. The standard of living going down. The Westminster unionists parasites acting the clown. Supporting the dope on a rope. Labour did not support MUP or the smoking ban. Labour opportunist liars. A laughing stock. An election in the offering. Time to get rid of more unionists. Time to go.

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  4. The Union Cockrell sits high oan his bing,
    Crawin’ an’ cacklin’ he sure likes tae sing.
    At the crack o’ dawn “I am the King”,
    But “whaurs the wee chicks”? the fermer says
    This useless Cock is at the end o’ his days.
    “He eats aw the corn, but he’s no worth a feck”
    Time tae wring his Unionist* neck”!

    *Figuratively* that is.

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  5. It really is quite astonishing, to use a favourite BritNat word, when we have BritNats taking from the public purse and who know full well how much Scotland has been stolen from by the English government (£trillions over the past 40+ years of oil thieving from Scottish territorial waters) actually accusing the SNP of favouring fossil fuels.

    I wonder how much emphasis will be subtly put on the oil being taken out of Scottish waters, around and at COP26, by the BritNats. They will try to portray Scotland as a big polluter, because few people around the globe and even in the UK know that Scotland has not extracted one single barrel of oil from their own waters.

    Devious lot the BritNats.

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