Prof says ‘the UK would save money if Scotland left it!’

In yesterday’s Herald letters:

EITHER Nicola Sturgeon’s army of special advisers is becoming nervous, or she herself is.

Her conference speech sank to a new low, making absurd allegations about the “damage” Westminster will do to Scotland – “our working population is likely to fall. Who knows what will happen to our NHS in future trade deals” (“Sturgeon says unionists will try to exploit Brexit impact”, The Herald, September 14). Actually, it is under SNP health governance that every health board in Scotland has signed a contract with the US private health company, IHI.

Westminster has, allegedly, “made us poorer”. The truth is that, over and above the usual £2,000 per person per year Barnett bonus, Westminster has poured an extra £14 billion into Scotland during the pandemic, in terms of furloughing and business support. It is not Westminster’s fault that £2.7bn of business support has not reached business but has been snarled up somewhere in the SNP system. “They want us to believe we are powerless in the face of the disastrous decisions they have taken for us,” Ms Sturgeon claims. Yep. Furloughing and the quick production and distribution of Covid vaccines really were “disastrous decisions”. She talks about “resisting” Westminster as if Scots lived in an occupied country (as some of the wilder fringes of the SNP claim).

To listen to Ms Sturgeon, you would think that “Westminster” – Tories, English, London, obviously – spends most of its waking hours engaged in a conspiracy to do Scotland down, that there is a whole civil service unit dedicated to that policy, just as she spends our money on her civil service referendum unit. This is the tired old SNP trope that was dishonest at the time of devolution, propagated incessantly during the referendum, and harped on at every election campaign. But now there is a clear element of paranoia in Ms Sturgeon’s words. “They are out to get us” is her message. It’s all to stop us from being “independent” – and look around us, she says, at other countries: “independence works”. I rather thought her adviser, Professor Mark Blyth, put the mockers on that by pointing out that “Denmark took 600 years to become Denmark” and that Scotland would not be transformed overnight into some mythical paradise (“FM adviser warns independence would bring 20 years of economic upheaval”, The Herald, September 7).

The blunt truth is that the UK would save money if Scotland left it. The corollary of that is that Scotland would be a lot poorer. Persecution-complex talk of Westminster being desperate to damage Scotland is a product of secession mania and deep-seated hostility towards our fellow citizens in the UK. Talk of “resisting” is an escalation of hostility. But fear not: we all know that Ms Sturgeon is becoming rather desperate in the face of the impossibility of holding a legal referendum on her own authority. What is interesting is that it has reached such a pass that her desperation is now very obvious.

Jill Stephenson, Edinburgh.

Today Ruth Marr writes (not published by the Herald:

According to Jill Stephenson, the UK pours money into Scotland and “the blunt truth is that the UK would save money if Scotland left it”. We probably have a better class of food banks too, as part of the Union dividend. So, what is Boris Johnson waiting for? He should call a referendum forthwith and let Scotland re-join the EU and give him back his Trident weapons of mass destruction.  Alas, if only we’d had an Oil Fund, we could have reciprocated the generosity shown us by kindly Westminster governments and poured fifty years of our oil revenues into their Treasury.  Instead, we should get down on our knees and thank Westminster for dropping their money into our begging bowls, and apologise for being alive.  

Spot on!

Longer-term readers may remember we used to spend time on Stephenson:

Emeritus Professor, Jill Stephenson, is back with a personal attack based on amazing delusions. She is the one who described MP Mhairi Black as a ‘foul-mouthed slut’ back in 2015. Her tweet, above, is just the latest in a string of madcap paranoid assertions.

Here’s what we wrote of her back in May 2017:

‘Independence referendum will cause break-up of SCOTLAND not UK, warns top professor’

The ‘top’ professor returning to the fray is 73-year-old retired expert on Nazi Germany, Jill Stephenson. She’s predicting that even if we win Indyref2 we’ll trigger the further fragmentation of Scotland as Orkney and Shetland will elect to stay in Britain, like a northern Gibraltar. Here’s some of what she said:

‘It is clear that Scotland is a deeply divided country. This is the result of a long and bitter referendum campaign in 2012-14. There is palpable hatred on both sides of the divide that will take years, or perhaps decades, to heal.’

She should know about any bitterness after her comments about MP Mhairi black in 2015. I wrote about the prof at the time in To avoid repeating myself, here’s and extract from what I said about the then only 71-year-old retired English professor who has only ever researched and written about Nazi Germany:

“If electors vote for a foul-mouthed slut like M Black, it says a lot about them and none of it is good.”

A wee Twitter storm developed, ending up with the good professor herself tweeting that she didn’t “give a flying fuck” and a respondent suggesting that as unionist she supported paedophiles!

Professor Stephenson’s [former?] expertise is Nazi Germany so you can see where’s she’s going with the ‘charisma’ comment. She has written on ‘German Christians in the Thuringian Protestant Church (1927-1945)’ so that must have been useful in looking at Scottish 21st Century politics. What about her, ‘Hitler’s priests, Catholic clergy and National Socialism?’

Oh come on, we’ve got Catholic clergy. She’s a professor. They know about all sorts of stuff, don’t they? She clearly has researched German history but has published nothing at all on Scottish politics and so is less authoritative on that than a researcher currently working on it.

16 thoughts on “Prof says ‘the UK would save money if Scotland left it!’

  1. Do you look like your pets?

    Do Jill’s letters reflect her paranoid delusions?

    Do Jill’s letters read as MAD FROG as she looks?

    Next up?
    Hugo Von Pennington–Bacterio-Meister of Old Middlesex (Ret.), and expert on all things that glow Red/White n’ Blue under the sun.

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  2. Brexiteers forced us to leave the EU to get rid of the levy. If they believe (incorrectly) that we cost them money then why don’t they just get rid of us? Being in the UK is making us poorer by the day so let’s be independent even if we are poorer and see which country sinks and which swims. My money is on us being the one getting richer as soon as we have set up the institutions to deliver social justice.

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  3. More from absolute idiots like this please. It is easy to disprove her twaddle. No doubt she is also spouting that the financial gains of Brexit are as expected.

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    1. Oh yes Herod indeed print this
      Thereby constituting a crime against humanity and a criminal waste of trees
      Along with increase in CO2
      A Iron Cross 1st class with oak leaves
      Is on the way for outstanding services in the propaganda fight

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  4. I assume that the good Prof will be first in the queue at the ‘hard border’ heading south when Scotland allows England to cut the umbilical cord with those insatiable , subsidy-loving Scots .
    I must thank her for her contributions over many years of filling the Scottish coffers with her hard earned English coin !


  5. Perhaps given Ruth Marr’s response was not deemed fit for publication by the Herald, doubtless due to space constraints, we might assist that publication in it’s hour of need by circulating this article via whatever social media etc are available.

    I’m quite sure Herr-receding Stephenson would fully support honest discussion of the issues raised…

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    1. Could I say I think Bob is absolutely right. This needs to be put about as much as possible. There is a lot of analysis going on, most of it contended, but this is different. This is a human cry of rage – it’s like Peter Finch’s outburst in Network – someone who is “mad as hell”. OK the contexts are quite different but while we can debate as much as we like, there has to be human engagement, and this is at least a start.

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  6. Scotland pays £Billions in repayments of loans not borrowed or spent in Scotland. Pays too much for the military not based in Scotland. Trident, illegal wars and financial fraud has cost Scotland dear and caused the migration crisis,

    The UK/US now want to cause trouble with China 1.3Billion people. Increase the nuclear arsenal. China has a ‘one child’ now two.

    The 2WW caused enough destruction. Germany and Russia were devastated. Russia 26million dead, Germany pro rata had the most people killed. 75% of the military. Terrible crimes were committed. Now UK/US having destroyed the Midlr East. Secret Balfour Agreement. Japan atomic bomb. They now want to start trouble with China.

    Nuclear weapons developed at the University of California after the war. Dumped in Scotland in secret and without a mandate by McMillian. Kennedy did not want Britain to have them. Scotland has been paying for them ever since.

    Independence could get Scotland better off. Not paying repayment on loans not borrowed or spent in Scotland. Too much on the military, not even based in Scotland. Scotland loses £Billions in tax evasion. UK tax Laws not enforced by the Westminster Treasury. Scotland raises pro rata more in taxes. The McCrone Report. Scotland cannot borrow to invest in the economy. It would pay in growth. Westminster can borrow and spent what it likes than put on Scotland’s budget. The illegal Barnett Formula. Designed to take revenues out of Scotland and keep it secret under the Official Secrets Act. Thatcher.

    Scotland pays it’s way and then has to pay for Westminster’s poor, bad decision. Hickley Point and HS2 etc. The monies would be better spent in Scotland. Investing in the railways. To get down travel times. The same journeys in Scotland takes nearly twice as long as in the south because of historical lack of investment. More monies could be spent on renewables in Scotland than a dangerous costly nuclear plant beside the sea. Scotland in surplus in fuel and energy. Pays a higher tariff despite being nearer the source.

    The population of Scotland did not change until Devolution 2000. 5.4Million.
    The population was 5million from 1900 and before. It remained static. Dropped in the 1950’s. The War?

    People had to migrate to get jobs and a better life because of Westminster policies. The brutal Clearances and the £10 passage Australian passage. A 40million disporia. In the US, Canada and New Zealand. There are as many migrants from Britain in the rest of the world as migrants coming here. Migrants displaced by Westminster unionist policies. Including some migrant retired profs lecturing others. Calling people in Scotland names on an educational pension. Not very friendly. Scottish taxpayers picking up the bill to be insulted.


    1. Gordon
      Re UK/ USA causing trouble with China
      Little do any in the West realise what China,s response shall be
      Firstly it will be extremely well thought out
      But Australia will be the biggest loser to start with, as China deploys beauracatic
      Tactics upon key Aussie imports
      However what makes this most dangerous is that China will regard this nuclear sub move as a direct threat to China reuniting Taiwan with the mainland
      Make no mistake that 1 day China will take it back
      China has been a unifying force for 5000
      Yrs it is in their very DNA and Blood
      USA and UK has militarily bases and personel in over 120 nations
      China only has such in 1 country
      As i stated previously on here The Pentagon recently conducted a major war game against China using computer
      Result USA would lose
      Furthermore China and Russia have recently concluded one of the largest joint land and air military exercises
      The sole purpose of which was to assess and improve their joint cooperation
      By swapping technology and equipment
      In a conflict situation
      Russia and China now cooperate in new generation
      Military aircraft engines
      Stealth technology
      Main Battle tanks
      The list goes on and on
      It is a entirely symbiotic relationship
      Each party recognising each others strengths and weakness
      Then swapping and working together
      To leap frog Western military technology
      Both China and Russia are now on a mission to completely bring to a end for once and all USA economic and military hegomony
      This is highly dangerous if the West misjudges where all this going
      A serious wrong move such as Nuclear subs for the Aussies is well and truly going down the wrong path
      That can only lead to certain defeat for the West
      Chinese military philosophy has never ever been expansionist but one of deterrence by ensuring that if you attack them you will most certainly lose
      Tis the most clever of warriors who wins
      By merely placing his hand upon the sword
      And that is exactly how China will react
      It is now considering how to display such
      To the West
      We must not force them to withdraw their sword from the scabbard
      Big Big Big F**king mistakd


  7. Russia 150million pop spends $65Billion on the military
    China 1.3Billion pop spends $228Billion on the military.
    Both spend resources on their economy. To improve their economy and eradicate poverty.

    US 340million pop spends $740Billion on the military. The highest in the world pro rata. Nearly a third of all world spend. $1910Billion.

    Saudi Arabia pop 33million (11million migrants) spends $69Billion on the military.

    UK/US illegal sales to Saudi breaking International Law since the 1960’s for donations to unionists political parties and the Royalty. Kept secret under the Official Secrets Act.

    UK pop 66million spends £55Billion on the military,

    Who are the warmongers? Engaged in illegal wars, financial fraud and tax evasion.
    Wasting £Trns which could be better spent. Improving the world economy not destroying it. Foreign Aid cut. UK Military spending increased £5Billion. US military spending increased $20Billion.

    Japan and Germany were prohibited from spending in the military after 2WW. The resources were spent improving their economy. They had successful economies after the war. New factories and facilities.


  8. The Australian pop increased through (white) migration. From the UK because of Eestminster poor, bad policies. Now being armed and charged with a nuclear arsenal. Australia main miners, trade is with China. Minerals and coal etc. Now threatening their neighbours.

    Germany has sold submarines to Israel. Israel armed by US. A US military base. 122 nuclear warheads. US/UK Oil interest in the Middle East. Britain/Churchill took all of Iraq (Persian) Oil. Put the PM in jail. Restored the despised Shah to power.

    The CiA/M15 caused unrest and trouble. The illegal intervention and cooperation. The first interference. The documents are available in historical records in the US. The UK/US have destroyed democratic regimes in the Middle East. Johnston’s Turkish grandfather, a journalist, was murdered by Turkish nationalists. Opposed to the failing Ottoman regime.


  9. Britain invaded China. The Opium wars. Japan invaded China. Nantan brutal invasion 1937. China was really poor under the Emperor. It led to the Chinese rebellion. Chairman Mao. China has had some of the best economic growth in the world. ‘One child’ Policy has distorted the population. Less population but more men than women. They are now implementing a ‘two child’ policy.

    The Chinese people look after their parents in their old age. They often live in a joint household. Many got to university overseas. They are not enough universities in China and much competition. They have to study hard and intensely.


  10. Britain/Churchill took all Iranian (Persian) Oil. Westminster supported Iraq in the Iraq/Iranian War. Funded and armed Saddam. The Western Ally. Until Kuwait crisis. UK/US Invaded Iraq illegally and killed Saddam. Iraq had more equality and religious tolerance, Secular. Education and healthcare facilities. .

    The US and the West have had illegal sanction on North Korea since the 1960’s. Killing people. China has to help them out.

    The West has illegal sanctions on Iran. Killing people and causing poverty. A predominately young society with high unemployment. The West are now supplying Iran with nuclear. There are other forms of energy. Less dangerous and expensive. Instead of having to bury the waste. Solar. They still use oil. Getting more scare and expensive. Iran 83million people. Iraq population 39million people. Muslims do not drink or smoke. Healthier and less crime. According to their religion. If it’s principles are followed. Often not.


  11. St Andrews tops the Times University list.

    Oxford and Cambridge funded 20 to 1 of all universities. Often produce some appalling ignorant and arrogant PM. The education system letting people down
    The elite and privilege wealthy dominate the system to their advantage. Not an equal Etonian private playing field. The UK the most unequal place in the world. The most cohesive, happy, prosperous countries are more equal. Smaller independent countries on the whole.

    Scotland has one of the best education system in the world. 30% going from from school. 20% to 25% mature students. Life long learning. 15% EU students + foreign students. Canada is the next highest. 56%. Scotland pro rata has the most universities. 15 per 5.4 million pop. Colleges and apprenticeships. All school pupils have a good outcome. Additional needs vocation and training. More could be done to help. Make it even better. Without Westminster colossal mismanagement and interference. Ruining the world economy.

    Brexit and Austerity. The cost of living going up and the standard of living going down. Increased deaths. The Tory unionists at Westminster are culpable. They are ignorant and arrogant. They do not have a clue. The colossal damage they do to the world economy. In order to line their own pockets. Cheating and lying. They are a complete and utter disgrace. An election in the offering. Time to get rid of more of them in Scotland.

    Time to go. For more equality and to save the world economy. Gie’s peace. Instead of war, war and poverty. Westminster playing war games indefinitely. Interfering illegally. Someone else will have to clear up their mess, as usual. Deja Vu.


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