Think twice or stay away?

Once more Scotland’s media exploit a well-intentioned comment by an SNP minister to call for their head yet, elsewhere in the UK things are different:

The minister is not asked. No heads are called for. There is no suggestion of lives at risk. The media largely side with the health trust.

Again no minister is expected to comment, no heads must roll. There is no suggestion of lives at risk. The media again uncritically supports an appeal by the health trust and notes:

The trust is not the only one to make such a plea. In the past 10 days, hospitals in Worcestershire, Somerset and several London boroughs have urged people to stay away from A&E departments unless absolutely necessary.

There are more, many more:

Not once, is a minister’s head called for. There is no suggestion of lives at risk.

What is happening in Scotland is not news but a campaign.

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5 thoughts on “Think twice or stay away?

  1. We should really not be surprised with the papers as they follow the BBC or BBC follow them anything to discredit the SNP.
    What about this one John 50+1 % not enough for us.


  2. ‘What is happening in Scotland is not news but a campaign.’ It is indeed and with characteristics we’ve seen before.

    The pretext, the issue being used this time is very specific viz. one remark by a minister – ‘think twice’ about dialling 999 for an ambulance. The ‘ask’ of the public here is so unexceptional: it’s been made by health bodies across the UK at various times over a decade or more as this site has shown.

    For these two reasons alone, the evidence to demonstrate a politically motivated ‘campaign’ to bring down a government minister on this occasion could hardly be more compelling! (And the evidence it provides of the awful state of political opposition in Scotland could hardly be more compelling!)

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