Ambulance chasing at its most fetid

BBC Scotland launches another of its campaigns to unseat an SNP minister.

This rodent-like behaviour is familiar:

They found two, two.

They found four pupils and one geography teacher, out of many thousands, prepared to moan. The former teacher, above, and others could smell a rat:

BBC UK/England, Wales and Northern Ireland do not use this unprofessional approach:

14 thoughts on “Ambulance chasing at its most fetid

  1. I notice it was Fiona ‘”Hello, Douglas!” in a cheery and clearly friendly tone” Stalker, again fishing for gripes. This seems to be the principal news gathering conduit for these programmes.

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  2. Adds a new dimension to being harassed by a stalker…
    All the same, good to see pushback on it even if their comments are ignored by such BBC “skip-divers”….

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  3. Headline: Fewer ambulance 999 calls to be classed as ‘life-threatening’ – by Nick Triggle, BBC Health correspondent (13 July 2017)

    ‘Fewer 999 ambulance calls will be classed as life-threatening and needing a super-fast response in the biggest shake-up of the service in 40 years.

    ‘The move by the NHS in England – and agreed by ministers – will result in about 8% of call-outs being classed as needing the quickest response.

    ‘Currently half of call-outs are, but many are not serious or could wait longer for paramedics to arrive.’

    ( )

    This article (of course!) gives no indication of anything contentious about reducing the number of top priority ambulance responses from 50% down to 8% in England.

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  4. Having seen the Herald headline at a supermarket news stand, I looked at the website when I got home. Not being a subscber< I could't read much of the article or comment, but the tone of the article was SNP Baaad throughout and the comments , with few exceptions, even worse.
    Anyone who mentioned the situation in other parts of the UK was described as guilty of deflection (though expressed less politely and the current Health Secretary, previous Health Secretary and the First Minister were all vilfied. Several people were asking if anyone had managed to get an anappointment, even by Zoom or phonecall within two weeks and suggesting that was impossible. Unfortunately I could not reply but my experience is that I can get a non-urgent appointment within a week, which is fine by me.
    Youssaf (predicably labelled as Useless!) waas castigated for saying people should think before ringing 999, despite the ambulance service itself pleading with people not to call for an ambulance for minor or even trivial matters as it wastes valuable resources. Apparently about 20% of calls come into this catgory. While they will be rejected by the triage system operated by the call handlers, it still uses up time when others could be waiting for the service to respond.
    I know this is true as my older daughter worked as a temporary ambulance call handler for some months last summer and she was appalled by the number of trivial calls.
    Prof John is doing a great job disproving such stories in the media on this forum but he has only a small audience. How do we get through to those who believe the anti-Scottish reports, or even just headlines in the Herald, the Mail and the Express, all of which claim to be Scottish papers!

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    1. “Prof John is doing a great job disproving such stories in the media on this forum but he has only a small audience. How do we get through to those who believe the anti-Scottish reports,” I guess we should all share these articles far and wide? I probably don’t share as many as I could but what do we all think?

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      1. I don’t really ‘do’ social media, so can’t share as many others can.

        Any ideas on how I, and others in the same position, can spread the word?

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          1. Ah, now that I already do. My offspring disseminates such info to her colleagues in England, when to subjects come up too.

            Thanks for getting back, btw.

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  5. PS I’ve just seen the previous article on the 999 warning by Health Secretary youssaf, and John’s opinion that this is actually a campaign. I abolutely agree with that and it is being orchestrated and promotes by the Establishment, not just Westminster or the Tories, who are terrified that we Scots will start getting ideas that they can mange without the ‘broad shoulders’ of the Union, and not require others to tell us how to run our country.
    It is getting urgent that we persuade as many people as possible that this is pure propaganda and that we are in a state of colonisation where we are being brainwasked into accepting the current situation where our hands are tied by a corrupt, cruel and in competent government elsewhere which steals our taxes and resources to enrich its chums.

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    1. With the greatest of respect, I don’t believe the comments you read on newspaper or BBC articles represent much more than a band of keyboard warriors engaged (possibly under contract) in trying to impersonate an angry Scottish public, I doubt many could find Scotland on a map let alone ever contemplate living there..

      This is where these relentless “Shock and Awe” campaigns haven’t beaten Scots into submission, they’ve actually made people angry they are being fed a constant diet of propaganda, and they literally or mentally switch off.

      Just think back to the Millie Main campaign – However much Labour, Tory, short-arses and the media frothed, in certainty THIS time they had the perfect combination (dead child, grieving family, suspicions) yet there was not a single public demonstration, nada. Now what does that convey about Scots ? They don’t care ?
      Or they care more about being serially lied to by opposition politicians and the media for months on end, with this farce even being regurgitated by Sarwar spouting “What about Millie Main” at an election special ?

      Aesop summarised it best ca 500-600BC, (Perry Index 210) in modern times became the ” The Shepherd who cried “Wolf!” in Jest” – Perhaps one day Wikipedia will add links to the prolific catalogue of Scotland’s political opposition, the BBC and connected media to further enhance the point Aesop made just under 3,000 years ago.

      In short, Scots aren’t so daft as the propagandists think, hell mend them.

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  6. Hundreds of thousands use the NHS in Scotland getting excellent service. The BBC are a toxic organisation. Controlled by the Westminster toxic cabal. No one believes them any more, The Nine 20,000 viewers. Independence support rising. It is just a matter of time. Time is running out for the toxic Tories and their lying sycophants. Especially in Scotland. Brexit and Austerity will see them out. The cost of living and inflation rising. The standard of living falling. Life expectancy going down in the south under the Tories.

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  7. Aye BBC Scotland, they never fail to disgust and then expect you to pay money for it.

    Its a bit like BDSM down the airwaves, well not that I would know like.. I mean I read it somewhere..


  8. BBC Scotland carries a Government Health Warning – every day !
    Scottish Health Service is Sh*te !
    Scottish Hospitals are Sh*te !
    Scottish Ambulance Service is Sh*te !
    Scottish Care Homes are Sh*te !

    The Scottish BBC daily embraces all the key tenets of Lord Reith’s aspirations for broadcasting – above all , Independent , impartial and honest !

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