Protecting the guilty in care home deaths

Once more, BBC Scotland reports on care home deaths carefully obscuring the role of the private sector. After more than a year attempting to associate the Scottish Government with these deaths, the truth is emerging and we now know that private care homes, especially the larger, corporate-owned homes more reliant of agency staff, are to blame. While the likes of Ian Murray or Anas Sarwar might repeat disproven allegations that hospital discharges were to blame, this thesis is mostly abandoned now.

Look at this account:

Two residents have died in a Covid outbreak at a care home in the south west of Scotland.

Dumfries and Galloway Health and Social Care Partnership (DGHSCP) confirmed cases at the Belmont site in Stranraer last week.

It said two residents had died in the past seven days where Covid was recorded as being present.

DGHSCP said it was working with St Philips Care to ensure all plans were in place to deal with the outbreak.

Reading quickly as most do, who seems responsible here? DGHSCP or St Philips Care?

Why should a local authority have to ‘work with’ a hugely profitable private provider to help them meet the standards they signed up to?

This care home is the full responsibility of a large private corporation with around 40 sites across the UK and an unconvincing saintly branding.

On the 5th August 2020, 5 months after the pandemic outbreak, the Belmont home in Stranraer was inspected. The ‘latest’ report mentions infection control 13 times, including these statements:

The environment was clean and clutter free. However, some staff practices needed improvement to ensure precautions were in place to prevent the spread of infection and improve cleanliness of some carpets. The type of cleaning products in use did not provide disinfection and cleaning schedules were not used robustly to show equipment and hard surfaces were decontaminated frequently enough. There was no process for staff to follow to ensure safe cleaning of commode pots.

In addition, some aspects of laundry practices needed review; for example, the use, location and cleaning of the laundry wheeled bins. The use of red plastic bags for contaminated items also did not meet the with National infection control guidelines.

Astonishingly, the overall assessment was still ‘adequate.’


3 thoughts on “Protecting the guilty in care home deaths

  1. The intention , and it works for many , is to plant in the public consciousness -”Care Home Deaths = SNP Government Responsibility .”

    The evidence is clear that Private Care Homes are particularly guilty of lower Care standards ( even before the pandemic ) ; some are seriously at fault even AFTER recent inspections but I see no signs of :
    ” Exclusive BBC Disclosures Investigation into Owners putting profit before Care ”.

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  2. You have identified whom the media will blame. If the Care Inspectorate has deemed the home ‘adequate’ then by media-logic any fatalities are its fault and not those of the care home owners who are just simple financial folk seeking to make an excess profit to squirrel offshore, tax-free.

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