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By stewartb:

I see the Scotland section of the BBC News website joins in the quite remarkable mainstream media and opposition party ‘outrage’ after the Scottish Health Secretary reportedly said on Radio Scotland that people should only call an ambulance if ‘absolutely critical’.

The BBC website notes: “Scotland’s health secretary has been warned he could put lives at risk after urging people to “think twice” before calling an ambulance. Opposition politicians condemned the comments, which were made in a BBC radio interview, as “reckless” and worse. No doubt we will have more of this on Reporting Scotland this evening (Wednesday).

As so often, calm reflection is absent from the BBC, most newspaper coverage but more importantly, it is absent from opposition politicians in Holyrood. And of course none of these sources offer any ‘perspective’.

It’s not hard to come by the latter – just use a Google search. This reveals the same sort of plea on behalf of 999 ambulance services across the UK over the past decade or more. Here are just a sub-set of many examples:

1: NHS Wales Ambulance Service (present website)

‘Think carefully before you dial 999: Many of the calls we receive are not life threatening emergencies. Please think carefully before you dial 999 – you can help save lives.’

2: Northern Ireland Ambulance Service Health and Social Care Trust (present website)

‘Keep ambulances for real emergencies’ and ‘You should call 999 in the event that emergency medical assistance is required in a life-threatening situation following a serious accident, injury or illness. ‘

‘In the case that it is not a life-threatening emergency, and immediate medical attention is not required, please consider other options before calling 999: …’

Does ‘please consider’ not amount to ’think twice’ in this context?

3: Daily Devon online news, 28 August, 2020

‘South Western Ambulance Service NHS Foundation Trust (SWASFT) is urging people to “think twice” before calling 999 for an ambulance this Bank Holiday weekend.’

4: NHS England (present website)

‘Urgent medical help: If you need urgent medical help, use the regular NHS 111 online service.’ And: ‘Call 111 if you need urgent help for a child under 5 or cannot get help online.’

‘Emergency medical help: For life-threatening emergencies, call 999 for an ambulance.’

So before calling 999 think about whether your need is ‘urgent’ or a ‘life threatening emergency’ – yes?

( )

5. NHS North East Ambulance Service (website – referring to last Christmas)

‘Plea to use 999 and A&E responsibly’: Douglas McDougall, Strategic Head of Operations at North East Ambulance Service, said: “Please think before you pick up the phone, do you really need an ambulance or is there another way of you getting help?’

And this is not a new thing!

6. Warrington Guardian, 21 November 2010

Headline: ‘Think twice before dialling 999 or visiting hospital.’ : NHS North West trust ‘is now calling on people to support their emergency services by stopping and thinking about whether they really need to go to A&E or call 999.’

In short, this plea to the public from various NHS bodies to ‘think twice’ about whether calling 999 for an ambulance is necessary and the appropriate action to take is commonplace across the UK – and seemingly without any noticeable political or media condemnation. It’s common sense – and even more feasibly nowadays when a phone call to the national NHS helpline can quickly resolve any doubts over what the best course of action is – ambulance needed or not.

11 thoughts on “Think twice

  1. Re. The ABC ( BBC )
    Deployment of the word Warning to our
    Health minister
    Who the hell do they think they are
    Well anyway they are on final and absolute warning notice that upon Indy
    Then shall be no place whatsoever in Scotland
    Now that is a most powerful warning
    1 action is worth a thousand words
    Get ready ABC to pack your bags and run away
    Just like all cowards and spineless wonders are eventually forced to do
    As they pass you by on the way out
    Lift your boot to speed them up

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  2. Glad to see this comment given prominence, it elegantly exposes the completely unique manufactured outrage Scotland’s opposition in cahoots with MSM regularly deploy against Scots, not news but a propaganda production line.

    Every morning the hypocrisy of the BBC’s “News you can trust is news you can use” glares back from first opening the Scotland web pages, why on earth Scots are expected to “trust” a relentless stream of negativity is mind-boggling.

    I’m convinced Scots see these theatrics for what they are and simply shake their heads as each new shlock/horror story unfolds. Scots are used to rain, and welcome the break in the dark clouds when the sun peaks through, it’s natural….
    The dark clouds of Scotland’s media never clear, it’s not natural…

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    1. Not, unfortunately, those who send in comments to the Herald website!
      I found ihat almost too vile to read,but could not stomach the responses which might be sent to the Express or Mail!
      i cannot believe that these are not being orchestrated by our colonial master in the British Establishment.

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  3. I served the community for over 30 years in the Scottish Ambulance Service. People would not believe the percentage of “Crap” emergency calls the service dealt with, when I was in it. I don’t expect there has been a huge amount change since I left. Attempts are made to prioritise calls, but the worst offenders soon learn how to get around that.

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  4. The Ambulance and healthcare system are marvellous. One of the best in the world. Press are lying sycophants spreading propaganda and lies. Westminster Press Office controls the MSM. Not based in Scotland.

    Independence cannot come soon enough to make the healthcare system even better. Austerity and Brexit are damaging the healthcare system. Not enough healthcare workers, They have left, More people are dying prematurely in the South. The Scottish Gov has to mitigate against Westminster illegal, failed mismanaged policies. Including poor, bad mismanagement and outcomes.

    Social, economic and foreign policy failures. Brexit and Austerity. Illegal sales of arms since the 1960’s causing conflicts. Cuts to foreign aid causing poverty and strife. Killing and harming more people. Killing refugees and people worldwide. Illegal wars causing the migration crisis.

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  5. To enable your complaint about the SNP / SNP Government please use this handy template !

    Scottish Health Minister / Scottish Education Minister / First Minister
    ( delete as appropriate )
    … has failed in his /her duty and should immediately resign .

    The chaos in our Hospitals/Schools / Care Homes … is unacceptable .
    or …
    An ‘expert’ ( Prof . Pennington regardless of the subject ) have expressed their shock at the state of Scottish Parliament car park / Litter Bins / Tea Rooms .

    Signed … Unite Union / Sarwar / DRoss / the new Willie Rennie

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  6. Douglas Ross at PM’s questions today, ” I am sorry, but I have heard no one anywhere else in the UK telling people to think twice before calling an ambulance.”

    He really is an inveterate liar just like his boss in London and so many of the other Tories.


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