Trident sites at risk of flooding

Faslane nuclear submarine base could be flooded as sea levels rise, warns  Scottish Natural Heritage | The Independent | The Independent

Research from Bournemouth University has raised the possibility of future flooding at the Coulport, Faslane, Barrow-in-Furness and Devonport sites.

Responding to the report, British Pugwash Secretary Andrew Gibson said:

“Dr Brown’s paper demonstrates that a combination of natural and man-made defences mean flood risk is currently manageable at the Trident sites. However, we have every reason to believe sea levels will rise over the coming decades, increasing the risks. This has implications for long-term nuclear defence planning, in terms of adaption, regulation and cost.”

Full report at:

Click to access ClimateTrident-report-PDF-British-Pugwash-2021.pdf


6 thoughts on “Trident sites at risk of flooding

  1. What not many are aware of is that due to USA missile defence systems
    Russia was more or less forced to counteract
    They are now on the cusp of deploying
    Such counter action
    6 highly specialised stealth submarines are now commissioned, all so at least 2 no.constantly deployed for immediate action
    But these Subs are not your conventional
    Subs as Trident is
    They are designed to carry drone submarines for launching
    Russia is now testing such drone subs
    Called Possideon
    What are they
    Well the mother sub positions itself in deep water close to Western shoresubss associated with
    Nuclear weapon missile depots
    Then launches the drones which carry nuclear bombs designed to cause as much nuclear contamination as possible
    These drones then as close as possible to target but at a depth of over 100 meters
    Purpose to create a huge tsunami wave of extremely radioactive water
    Which then floods the West’s nuclear bases and surrounding waters and land around the base
    Such completely negates immediately any effective response from such facilities as Faslane
    No one here will tell you of this as effectively it is just not only Faslane that is rendered hopeless and a radius of 30 miles from it
    But most of the Western sea board and shores of Scotland would be devastated
    This now makes Faslane a massive danger to a vast area of land and seas of Scotland
    Vote Indy and get these nukes out of our sovereign territory
    Currently we have no defence whatsoever against these stealth Subs and their nuclear weapon drone subs

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    1. What about Rosyth too. The subs mothballed there are older, rusting and will be in even worse condition than those built more recently.
      By the way has the beach at Dalgetty Bay been cleared yet of the WW2 contamination left by MOD?


      1. arayner1936
        At if you ever get the chance to take at look at RNRosyth
        You will observe there is a large spoil mound of dredging excavations and those assoc.with construction of a refurb
        All excavated from the basin where redundant subs located
        And NO vegetation whatsoever grows upon the surface of the spoil heaps
        No need to wonder why
        They could cover and cap with poor quality topsoil to grow vegetation via hydroseeding techniques
        But even that no matter how deep capped off with would remedy the situation
        Eventually works shall have to be undertaken to render safe
        And the costs are massive as 10 of thousands of m3 are in these bunds
        A massive bill awaits Scottish Indy
        And such should form a key area of negotiations once we vote Indy
        Furthermore their are many more redundant MOD facilities in Scotland
        A good few of which must still hold many a nasty surprise
        MOD in their activities were always in the past exempt from H&S, planning controls and building warrants
        A can of worms awaits Indy popping the lid off this can


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