The Spineless Six

Scottish National Party (SNP) - 🚨 Scottish Tory MPs have refused to stop  Boris Johnson's plans to cut Universal Credit. ✂️ Cutting Universal Credit  by £20 a week would see 820,000 children
Image: SNP

From SNP Media:

Mhairi Black MP has challenged the six Scottish Tory MPs to finally stand up for people in Scotland and vote against planned cuts to Universal Credit – if it is pushed to a vote today in the House of Commons.

It has been reported that the Labour party will use their Opposition Day Debate to push for a vote on the UK government’s planned £20 a week cut to Universal Credit and Working Tax Credits.

The move will leave six million people in the UK – 400,000 in Scotland – over £1000 a year worse off at a time when furlough comes to an end, energy prices rise, and just months before a Tory tax rise is imposed. It will also undermine the benefits of the Scottish Child Payment.

A YouGov poll revealed two-thirds of people in Scotland are opposed to the Tory government’s plans to slash the benefits.

The SNP’s Shadow Scotland Secretary said that the “spineless six” had failed Scotland time and again by voting for Brexit, toxic migration policies, international aid cuts for the world’s poorest, and the power-grabbing Internal Market Bill. They also voted for the public sector pay freeze and against providing free school meals.

Commenting, Mhairi Black MP, said:

“The six spineless Scottish Tory MPs have let down Scotland time and again over key issues, and their silence on this vital matter speaks volumes.

“Given two thirds of Scots are against the cuts, if there is a vote on the issue today, it is their duty to vote against the move that will slash Universal Credit and Working Tax Credit by £20 a week and cancel out the benefits of the Scottish Child Payment.

17 thoughts on “The Spineless Six

  1. Labour might, indeed, want to use a supply day to debate this outrage, but, Labour has no policies. Johnson will just ask them what they will do and shout, “You have no plan!”

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  2. Re.duty and tories
    We all know that they have only 1 & 1 only duty (commandment)
    And that is emancipated from Westminster
    What is that
    Do as you are told
    Why is that
    If you do big personal rewards
    Not so
    Well take a wee deek at where Rooth the Mooth has ended up,along with her new well rewarded directorships
    Easy peasy as
    Add 1 +1
    And spell Cat

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  3. I am curious who would vote for an MP who consistently and unashamedly voted against the interests of his own countrymen , never mind voting to make some of the poorest even poorer .
    It takes a serious lack of empathy for the less fortunate to continually vote into power people who have demonstrated a level of heartlessness and selfishness that defies belief .
    Therefore they must actually share these base traits .
    Who would have thought that there were so many of them ?

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    1. I’d imagine they vote that way because they/their parents “always have done”.

      Having no interest in politics they then “leave them to get on with it”. Their trust/ignorance/naivety/any combination of the 3 will only be shattered when it affects them.

      I know, I know – I’m being too generous again…

      Loss of the triple lock on pensions and having to pay NI on every ‘little job’ they take may shatter it for some.

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      1. My Tory neighbour, who was privileged enough to get early retirment, is a Tory because they so far have kept her huge savings safe…she had worked in a bank. In her case it’s definitely not out of ignorance of tradition, they read the right wing rags daily, definitely interested in politics.
        Aye you are being far too generous, never met a kind Tory. Oh and not one Tory MP has voted to support the bill to secure sentient status for animals in the UK, including pets…not nice folk.

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        1. “Aye you are being far too generous, never met a kind Tory.”

          I agree – there are many who vote tory who are just like your neighbour. I knew I should have added a “many” in there.

          I think there’s a large-ish sub-set off voters for whom what I say is still true. It’s even arguable that, if all they read is RW ‘papers’ they’re not ignorant – they’re pig ignorant!

          As for not meeting a kind tory, you never met any of my mother’s family. Pig-in-blue ribbon, but with a social conscience and amongst the kindest, most generous people you could wish to meet. If they saw a need, they’d try to fill it in a way that enable people to keep their dignity.

          Mind you, 2 things necessary to add:
          1) I once asked the one ‘openly’ Labour (an uncle was suspected, in not proven way 😀 ) why he and my mother never argued about politics. He replied “Because we actually want the same outcome. We just believe in different ways to get there.”

          2) When Thatcher got into power, my mother’s comment was “I don’t know what these people are, but they’re NOT tory” and she never voted for them again till the day she died.

          I’m only being generous to the basically kind but misled/under-informed.

          As for the rest. Hell undoubtedly WILL mend them. It better had. Nothing else will…


  4. Wouldn’t you think that the MSM in Scotland would be pointing out this disgraceful situation that Scottish Tories are about to support – naw, I suppose not!!

    I hope they all rot in hell for this.

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    1. “Wouldn’t you think that the MSM in Scotland would be pointing out this disgraceful situation that Scottish Tories are about to support”

      Nnnnnnope! I just think they should be. (In answer to your rhetorical question!)

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  5. Although not quite on subject
    But just been listening to PMQ,s at Westminster
    A Question from a Tory MP regards one of his constituent,s Tomato growers who
    Due to a lack of labour to pick the crop
    Has had to dump 320,000 tonnes of ripe tomatoes
    PM reply
    We have world class food production
    I find such reply incredulous
    No need to say anymore

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    1. Look on the bright side, P1uk, he obviously doesn’t answer his own MPs’ questions either!

      And actually, no, his tomato-growing constituent DIDN’T “have” to dump them and leave them to rot. S/he could have said what they were going to do in trad/social media and said “come at take as many as you like”.

      Some, at least could have been used to feed the hungry who can’t afford to buy what there is on the shelves. And if enterprising people with vans carted a few tonnes off to sell on the cheap, well that’s the capitalist entrepreneurial spirit at work. Innit?

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      1. As any market grower of food knows
        Never in a glut situation give away or drop the price
        Why because once price dropped you have extreme difficulty in returning to
        A fair but profitable price
        In my younger student days working in a large market garden
        I ploughed in many a acre of cabbage and dumped many a tonne of tomatoes
        All due to a cropping glut

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  6. No matter how low the “decency bar” is set, the Slinky Six will just follow DRossie and slither under it.

    Hi Jack should really be called Low Jack.
    The American War of Independence was based on —
    “No taxation without representation”.

    Who represents Scotland in the corrupt Westminster Oligarchy?

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  7. O/T I see the Scotland section of the BBC News website joins in the quite remarkable mainstream media and opposition party ‘outrage’ after the Scottish Health Secretary reportedly said on Radio Scotland that people should only call an ambulance if ‘absolutely critical’.

    The BBC website notes: “Scotland’s health secretary has been warned he could put lives at risk after urging people to “think twice” before calling an ambulance. Opposition politicians condemned the comments, which were made in a BBC radio interview, as “reckless” and worse. No doubt we will have more of this on Reporting Scotland this evening (Wednesday).

    As so often, calm reflection is absent from the BBC, most newspaper coverage but more importantly, it is absent from opposition politicians in Holyrood. And of course none of these sources offer any ‘perspective’.

    It’s not hard to come by the latter – just use a Google search. This reveals the same sort of plea on behalf of 999 ambulance services across the UK over the past decade or more. Here are just a sub-set of many examples:

    1: NHS Wales Ambulance Service (present website)

    ‘Think carefully before you dial 999: Many of the calls we receive are not life threatening emergencies. Please think carefully before you dial 999 – you can help save lives.’

    2: Northern Ireland Ambulance Service Health and Social Care Trust (present website)

    ‘Keep ambulances for real emergencies’ and ‘You should call 999 in the event that emergency medical assistance is required in a life-threatening situation following a serious accident, injury or illness. ‘

    ‘In the case that it is not a life-threatening emergency, and immediate medical attention is not required, please consider other options before calling 999: …’

    Does ‘please consider’ not amount to ’think twice’ in this context?

    3: Daily Devon online news, 28 August, 2020

    ‘South Western Ambulance Service NHS Foundation Trust (SWASFT) is urging people to “think twice” before calling 999 for an ambulance this Bank Holiday weekend.’

    4: NHS England (present website)

    ‘Urgent medical help: If you need urgent medical help, use the regular NHS 111 online service.’ And: ‘Call 111 if you need urgent help for a child under 5 or cannot get help online.’

    ‘Emergency medical help: For life-threatening emergencies, call 999 for an ambulance.’

    So before calling 999 think about whether your need is ‘urgent’ or a ‘life threatening emergency’ – yes?

    ( )

    5. NHS North East Ambulance Service (website – referring to last Christmas)

    ‘Plea to use 999 and A&E responsibly’: Douglas McDougall, Strategic Head of Operations at North East Ambulance Service, said: “Please think before you pick up the phone, do you really need an ambulance or is there another way of you getting help?’

    And this is not a new thing!

    6. Warrington Guardian, 21 November 2010

    Headline: ‘Think twice before dialling 999 or visiting hospital.’ : NHS North West trust ‘is now calling on people to support their emergency services by stopping and thinking about whether they really need to go to A&E or call 999.’

    In short, this plea to the public from various NHS bodies to ‘think twice’ about whether calling 999 for an ambulance is necessary and the appropriate action to take is commonplace across the UK – and seemingly without any noticeable political or media condemnation. It’s common sense – and even more feasibly nowadays when a phone call to the national NHS helpline can quickly resolve any doubts over what the best course of action is – ambulance needed or not.

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