It’s the little things that give them away

daily mail

The ‘Scottish’ Daily Mail.


The ‘Scottish’ Daily Express.


The i ‘Scottish Edition.’


The Daily Telegraph as presented by BBC Scotland.


The ‘Scottish’ Scotsman?

BBC ‘Scotland’, long-time jabbers.

I know it’s just a wee thing but it reveals something.

Even the Clydebank post?

6 thoughts on “It’s the little things that give them away

  1. ‘Jab’ just sounds daft. Jag is a much better description of the little needle that delivers the vaccine, the media lol, hate Scotland being different even when it’s one little word or even a wee letter. It’s so pathetic, but insulting at the same time.
    Jag jag jag.
    Oh and not one of those daily rags is Scottish, except the Clydebank Post I guess.

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    1. *Gives tentative wave and says in a very small voice*
      Actually, originating from England, I do say jab myself. Force of habit and all that.

      Might be a good idea for a Public Info ad.
      “Do you say jag or jab?”

      series of people alternating jab and jag follows then…

      “Whatever you call them, have you had yours yet?”

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    2. A jab is the sort of thing that boxers do to each other, and I agree it sounds daft. If it’s the English way of addressing this then fine – let them get on with it. But what we are seeing here is “cultural imperialism” – “the imposition by one usually politically or economically dominant community of various aspects of its own culture onto another nondominant community.”
      Btw, the Post is part of the Newsquest local paper stable, as are Dumbarton and Vale Reporter, and the Helensburgh Advertiser. Oh, yes, and they publish the Herald too.
      To be fair the Herald still “jags”

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  2. English Pretendy newspapers.
    Colonial imperial yellow gutter sheets.

    They are about as Scottish as Charlie………….Prince of Scotland, Lord of the Isles and Keeper of the Great Seal.
    Or Phil the Greek, Duke of Edinburgh.
    Chookie to his pals.

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