Labour/Nat agreement…… Wales

From BBC Wales today:

Labour Welsh government ministers and Plaid Cymru are in talks over a potential co-operation agreement in the Senedd.

A statement from the two groups on Tuesday said they are looking at where they can work together.

Labour won the Welsh Parliament election in May but did not win a majority.

It means votes from opposition parties are needed to pass votes in the Senedd, such as for budgets and laws.

The Welsh Conservatives dubbed the talks a “stitch-up”.

When you see that, what do you think, straight away?

Yes, Scottish Labour, sharing many of the left-of-centre policies of the SNP agree a deal with them, under Sarwar.

Sarwar? Ah, not going to happen here is it. Tribal hatred trumps the interests of the people in having effective government.

A wee reminder of how Sarwar is no Drakeford:

10 thoughts on “Labour/Nat agreement…… Wales

  1. Sounds like a sensible plan to me. Also would let the Welsh people see Plaid in government. Good PR.
    How Labour in Wales differs from up here. Like chalk and cheese, we have the chalk.

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  2. Labour and PC have had an agreement on government before. Such liaisons between parties under a PR system are the usual state of affairs. Why, even Labour and the LibDems did so for the first 8 years at Holyrood.

    But, join or even cooperate with the SNP or Greens in Scotland? Nae chance. Give them the Tories any day.

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  3. At least the Tories are consistent, you can almost hear DRoss’s swollen necked bluster in “The Welsh Conservatives dubbed the talks a “stitch-up”. ”

    Drakeford in Wales has always seemed principled and pragmatic, even old-fashioned, the original Labour way of democracy before spin-doctors, image and media managers took over.
    Contrast with Sarwar or Baillie where principles, democracy and honesty are for wimps…
    “What about Millie Main…?” will be Labour’s epitaph in Scotland.

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  4. Can’t just blame Sarwar ( much as we’d want to ! )
    If the Labour Party members had voted for Monica Lennon in the recent leadership contest then they might be considering policies which benefited Scotland and by extension their party .
    But , no ! They went the dinosaur route and now face extinction .

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    1. ‘Might be considering policies which benefitted Scotland’. Nah, Labour UK when they had ten years at Holyrood did nothing good for Scotland whatsoever. They did though send £1.5 BILLION back to Westminster saying, ‘nothing to spend it on in Scotland’, not health, not education, not infrastructure, not jobs, not industry investment, nope, ‘nothing’. Jack McConnell was rewarded with a seat in the HOL’s and is paid £300+ a day for his services to the British empire.

      Oh and Labour UK when at Holyrood plunged Scottish councils into £BILLIONS of debt with their PFI scam, a ‘debt’ still having to be paid for years to come. Labour ran Glasgow like the mafia in over the many decades they ran the council, they denied women council workers equal pay and even took them to court which cost the public purse millions. All rather nasty and unforegivable in my book.
      Labour UK might work differently in Wales, but they will never work in the interests of Scotland, no mater who their ‘leader’ is.

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  5. “Scottish” Labour will only combine with one nationalist party—
    the “Scottish” Conservative and Ulster Unionist party.

    Both Brit Nat parties together.

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