Sorry, Andrew, that’s an easy one. I guess you’re no brainbox

Andrew, Baron Dunlop, remember him?

People’s watchdog or government poodle, is a question some in the press used to insist, in their case, meant a tough wee terrier biting at the ankles of the powerful.

Conrad Black, Dark Lord of the Telegraph was in little doubt when he said something like: ‘If the little man thinks the press is on his side, then the little man is in more trouble than I realised.’

The Herald used to keep tough wee terriers like Ian Bell and not all of the current pack are fully trimmed poodles but too many run to the hounds. Do poodles run in packs? I’m making a dog’s dinner of this metaphor.

Actually advertising the arrival of Lord Dunlop suggests they’re hoping to attract Tories or those who know little of Dunlop.

Here’s a taste:

Dunlop has been howling denial recently, claiming he had no part in this dropping but the Guardian is clear:

Dunlop was a member of the policy unit in Margaret Thatcher’s government with responsibility for taxation and Scottish affairs when the community charge, known more commonly as the poll tax, was introduced in 1989.

Needless to say, Dunlop, who lives on the edge of South Downs National Park in West Sussex, may not be too in with the locals the Herald regularly begs for money from.

Anyhow back to the Jacinda comparison. Isn’t she PM of an independent country long free of the imperial yoke?

Wouldn’t you have to wait until Nicola Sturgeon had a few years of full fiscal and policy control under her belt, before you would be able to compare?

Would a Year 3 Modern Studies pupil know that?

I see Dunlop ‘read’ politics and economics – class of degree not mentioned.

He has a PG Dip. Who hasn’t these days.

Is Dunlop just a jumped up admin assistant?

5 thoughts on “Sorry, Andrew, that’s an easy one. I guess you’re no brainbox

  1. He may not be too clever, but he is a Scottish Tory “Peer of the Realm” (or England, if you prefer), so he knows what side of HIS bread is buttered.
    Like Labour and Lib Dumb “Peers of the Realm” from Scotland, all you have to do for a lifetime of sponging indolence is–
    talk down your own country-
    run down your own country-
    And ultimately–
    sell out your own country.
    And claim your reward.

    Jacinda runs an independent country not too dissimilar to Scotland, and all around us are other small independent countries–all thriving in a way Scotland cannot, because it lacks INDEPENDENCE of action, and is constantly sold down the river by—-
    See the *above*.

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  2. Dunlop is a tired , re-tread of a politician .
    He is a typical professional Tory , never having actually worked in any job other than as a Tory apologist , especially when a PR man .

    His attempt to do down a consummate leader like Nicola Sturgeon is like being attacked by a cardboard cut-out of David Mundell !


  3. Sorry guys, but I dont go along with the relatively weary reaction to this – oh, he’s a Tory peer, former adviser and all that.
    The fact is that he IS a Tory peer and WAS an adviser. Let’s imagine if Mike Russell (SNP of course wont accept peerages) sounded off about Douglas Ross like this. Cue maximum outrage. One guy on the Herald was very displeased because I called him a GERS zealot (my revenge for GERS denier – in passing is the similarity to Holocaust denier accidental?). Oh they can hand it out, but as Corp Jones observed in Dad’s Army, “The don’t like it up ’em”
    Secondly, much of it reads like the crap you can find from bottom feeders like Jane Lax on Twitter. OK, it happens, but the Herald still has pretensions of being a serious newspaper, unlike the Daily Excess or the Daily Heil, which is where I might expect to read this nonsense.
    Thirdly, I really feel for Mark Blyth whose ideas are being distorted and misrepresented freely in the Unionist press. All Blyth was saying was that independence is going to be difficult, BUT (and it’s a BIG BUT) it will still be worthwhile to get out of the UK and their rapidly imploding growth model. You dont hear so much about THAT.
    I expect this got by the lawyers, but how it got past editorial is much more worrying.

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  4. Just a jumped up admin assistant. Or a ruthless Tory opportunist. Never elected Westminster sycophant. Useless beyond belief. Promoted beyond any capabilities.
    Ruining the economy,

    The lying face of Thatcherism. Killing people and making their lives a misery. Especially in Scotland. A greedy, nasty apologist. Time to vote them out. The unionists. A Tory called them bastards. Time for a Independence. Support rising.
    The Tory rating down and lead gone.

    Mr Frost. The Brexit appointee. Another greedy nasty opportunity. Along with Johnson. Another lying parasite. The dope on a rope totally out of his depth. Dropping from a great height. A ignoramus clown. Let’s everyone down. Rats in a sack. Contemptible failure. Heading for a bigger fall. A social, economic, foreign failure. Colossal mismanagement. Time to go.


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