18 thoughts on “Spiteri shock: Scotland has no resources

  1. Just the usual DE clickbait, where that colon is on the headline is where the “once warned that” resided, and only available from the article.

    My grandfather once warned that the Daily Express were shit-stirrers and never changed his mind unlike Spiteri, probably at a much older age that the the author of that DE Tweet (5?).

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  2. Typical DE crap but a lot of people read the headlines and believe it.
    Did anyone hear the Sun creep on the Papers last night Sturgeon quite happy Boris says no to Indy2 these people can say anything with no come back.
    PS note he does not use Ms Sturgeon or First Minister.

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  3. O/T
    Michael Gove accused of vile remarks in unearthed audio recordings

    I had a look at the Independent but as I don’t subscribe I can’t see it maybe someone here can get round that it could be interesting.

    Also I see John McGinn suffered racist abuse at Chelsea.


  4. What does Spiteri and Tom English (BBC Scotland’s chief Sports reporter) have in common. . . . . .
    The BBC have worked to build up their brand.

    English is the lead on the long term campaign to drive Steve Clarke out of his job.
    Spiteri is the air heid who will say anything to rubbish Scotland . . . . She started this during Indy Ref1 . .


    1. You have responded as the Express wanted you to respond. Texas immediately refuted the claim. Tom English has been one of the few on BBC Scotland sports who has distanced himself from the continual carping about COVID restrictions on football.


  5. Good reply (below) to a dreadful Guardian editorial apart from the gender comment in the first paragraph

    What an appalling editorial.

    Firstly, I hope that it was written by a man. It would be shameful indeed for any woman to fail to acknowledge that under the SNP, Scotland has become the first country in the world to make period products available free of charge to all women and girls who need them. There is the baby box given to all new mothers containing not just some essential products but even a book to let mother and baby bond over words and pictures. There is the child payment paid over and above UK child benefit, which is in the process of being rolled out. For those who would have struggled without these innovations, they are significant indeed.

    Secondly, and this is unforgivable, in her interview Greta Thunberg did not even mention Scotland. She said that developed countries in general were not doing enough to tackle climate change, and she singled out Boris Johnson in particular for blatantly lying about the UK government’s achievements. It was the BBC who decided that this was a direct attack upon the SNP, and produced a headline saying as much (while editing out all criticism of Johnson), but then again in Scotland their role as the propaganda wing of the Tory party is so blatant that few of us take what they say seriously any more.

    And when it comes to drug deaths, surely any newspaper worthy of the name would be aware of exactly how often the Scottish Government have requested permission from Westminster, to whom drugs legislation is reserved, for permission to introduce initiatives such as safe consumption rooms which have led to massive drops in drugs deaths in countries where they have been introduced, but which are not legal under current UK drugs laws. Westminster has point blank refused every time without even bothering to give a justification.

    Historically Scotland has had appalling problems of inequality and health. You should be aware that Glasgow Council, controlled by Labour until the most recent council elections when the SNP took over, fought tooth and nail against paying their female workers equal wages. The incoming SNP administration is now having to find hundreds of millions of pounds for backdated payments having acknowledged that they have to do the right thing, something which the so called party of the workers never did. Many of the health issues relate to a history of appalling slum housing which did not really begin to be tackled until today’s elderly were well past childhood, and a legacy of heavy industry where health and safety had not been implemented and all sorts of pollution was rife both in the workplace and in the wider community. The results of generations of neglect can not be fully turned round within two or three parliamentary terms whatever some auditor thinks (speaking as a former auditor myself!).

    You would struggle to find anyone in Scotland who would not acknowledge that firstly, Brexit is a disaster inflicted upon us against our will and with no acknowledgement whatsoever of our clearly expressed wishes in 2016, and also that Johnson’s Tories are the most appalling government in our lifetimes and that there is no realistic alternative government in prospect south of the border. The realisation is dawning that the only prospect of a future that does not include supermarkets with permanently empty shelves is to choose independence and renewed membership of the EU.

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  6. Although in itself a stupid statement with a typical unionist vagueness she is entitled to say what she likes even though it makes her sound stupid.


      1. You’re doing a grand job drawing attention to this but, alas, it’s like the mistake of not reading the instructions on something from Ikea and then wondering why the whole thing collapses. As someone said in an earlier blog piece, people only read the headlines and it’s no different on blogs or Twitter.

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  7. A lot of people have changed their mind on Independence because of Brexit. They now support Independence.

    People were duped by the unionists lying that people should vote No to stay in the EU. Along with the other electoral Law and rules broken during the EU Ref campaign. Lie, after lie after lie. Tory ratings going down. Any lead gone.

    Independence campaign now back on the agenda.

    Inflation prices and costs going dramatically up in August. Chickens coming home to roost for the Tory appalling policies and mismanagement. NI increased charges on the poorer. Not an increase through progressive taxation. Another unionist blunder.


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