Is the Gary and Lisa Health Crisis risking lives?

I’m not denying that NHS staff are pushed, stressed, and that some patients, in some areas, are waiting longer but let’s have some data and some context so that folk know that it’s still OK to go if you’re worried.

First, are hospitals at or near full capacity? See this:

Busy, I’m sure, but total admissions at just half the level, and ICU just over that, in January and February 2021.

The rise looks steep but remember it follows infection levels and those have now flattened, so admissions will also flatten soon, before falling.

As for staff absences, yes, almost double (1 600) on 7th September what they were (899) on 3rd August but well below that in January/February 2021 (c2 500) and only just over one-third of the level in April 2020 (4 400).

As for A&E waiting times, yes lower, but still far better than elsewhere in the UK and only below 70% in 4 hours in one board, not Glasgow.

Try reporting some facts for us, Gary, Lisa?

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10 thoughts on “Is the Gary and Lisa Health Crisis risking lives?

  1. I have to say that my own experience is not good John.

    I was told in April 2020 that I needed a fairly urgent eye operation. After several letters and calls I was finally given a date in August, 16 months later. A week before I attended for the pre op then, five days before, I got a call postponing it.

    I got another date and the same thing happened – postponed five days before the date. I got a third date, yesterday 13th Sep. This time I got as far as my Covid swab last Friday. Was sent home to isolate for the weekend and four hours later I got a call, not a postponement, this time it was cancelled!

    I now have no idea if or when it will be done. They cannot tell me. My wife is also waiting to go in for an op with no idea when it will happen. It’s OK supporting the NHS and offering evidence like this but it’s not OK when you are affected. It’s not much fun preparing yourself for an operation then having it repeatedly cancelled.


    1. My sympathies also.
      I have had experience of delays too. A lifetime of never really needing treatment, had only recently had to have a colonoscopy, only delay really was waiting on pathologist report on biopsies with deterioration in my condition until I could get treatment (couldn’t commit without pathology report).
      I do hope you get your op soon


  2. ”Hospital operating at , or near , full capacity .”
    Hasn’t that always been the case ?
    Hospitals have always tried to squeeze in as many patients as possible to reduce waiting times .
    What hospital would have large numbers of beds empty ?

    What the BBC Doomsayers are implying is that hospitals are not coping . That is suggesting that because they are busy then the staff are not coping . How did they manage pre-Covid when they were working ”at , or near ,capacity ” ?

    Waiting Lists have always existed and are being exacerbated by the pandemic . That is a different problem from ”not coping ”.

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    1. I think they, in particular the BBC, are promoting the idea that ‘the NHS’ is not fit for purpose as a means of softening Joe Public to become more accepting of the idea of privatisation of the Health Service.

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  3. I agree with many of the comments, and, as some know waited more than 4 months for a ultra sound scan to confirm once and for all the lump in my ankle wasnt cancer (I didnt think it was – grew too large too quickly and was on the way down by the time I got the scan), but now have to wait another two months for a telephone consultation with the ortho consultant to decide what to do about the tendonosis they discovered. This means the tendon in my ankle is weak and more liable to tear and if that happens I am really in the brown smelly stuff (wife to care for and dog to walk).
    But the main reason for posting is that John, you are wrong to say “only below 70% in 4 hours in one board, not Glasgow”. That is not the case if you look at the table – there are three – Borders 69.1% in four hours (ok I’m being picky); Forth Valley – 59.6 in four hours (dont have an accident there folks); Lanarkshire – 65.5% in four hours.
    If we are going to be critical of such as Gary and Lisa, then we need to be squeaky clean because they will pick up on any error – no matter how trivial, or even not relevant – to rebut the criticism. What they are doing is picking up on the “bad news” and using it to imply (not suggest, that would be too crude) that it is typical of the whole system. You might notice that they never mention Orkney or Shetland, and there’s a reason for that – the latter had a bad week in February last year when they only saw 84.5% in four hours. That is as bad as it got.
    Borders and Forth Valley only have two hospitals so the effect is not going to be all that influential on national figs – but hey, they are a health board. Nonetheless the number is three and not one.
    Rubbish, politically motivated journalism!


  4. Some people are spending less time on waiting lists because people are choosing not to attending hospital appointments or clinics or going for operations because of covid.

    Some people are being seen earlier. Not waiting so long. Even for eye appointments to get cataracts done. There are earlier vacancies in some private facilities under the NHS. To cut waiting lists. People getting seen sooner or for urgent treatment. If people can travel further.

    Some people with underlying conditions are being advised to wait longer because of covid. It would be more dangerous to catch covid than to have treatment for less urgent conditions that can be managed. Postponed to keep people safer.


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