‘What an appalling editorial’

A Guardian reader’s response to the above passed to us by reader, brobb:

What an appalling editorial.

Firstly, I hope that it was written by a man. It would be shameful indeed for any woman to fail to acknowledge that under the SNP, Scotland has become the first country in the world to make period products available free of charge to all women and girls who need them. There is the baby box given to all new mothers containing not just some essential products but even a book to let mother and baby bond over words and pictures. There is the child payment paid over and above UK child benefit, which is in the process of being rolled out. For those who would have struggled without these innovations, they are significant indeed.

Secondly, and this is unforgivable, in her interview Greta Thunberg did not even mention Scotland. She said that developed countries in general were not doing enough to tackle climate change, and she singled out Boris Johnson in particular for blatantly lying about the UK government’s achievements. It was the BBC who decided that this was a direct attack upon the SNP, and produced a headline saying as much (while editing out all criticism of Johnson), but then again in Scotland their role as the propaganda wing of the Tory party is so blatant that few of us take what they say seriously any more.

And when it comes to drug deaths, surely any newspaper worthy of the name would be aware of exactly how often the Scottish Government have requested permission from Westminster, to whom drugs legislation is reserved, for permission to introduce initiatives such as safe consumption rooms which have led to massive drops in drugs deaths in countries where they have been introduced, but which are not legal under current UK drugs laws. Westminster has point blank refused every time without even bothering to give a justification.

Historically Scotland has had appalling problems of inequality and health. You should be aware that Glasgow Council, controlled by Labour until the most recent council elections when the SNP took over, fought tooth and nail against paying their female workers equal wages. The incoming SNP administration is now having to find hundreds of millions of pounds for backdated payments having acknowledged that they have to do the right thing, something which the so called party of the workers never did. Many of the health issues relate to a history of appalling slum housing which did not really begin to be tackled until today’s elderly were well past childhood, and a legacy of heavy industry where health and safety had not been implemented and all sorts of pollution was rife both in the workplace and in the wider community. The results of generations of neglect can not be fully turned round within two or three parliamentary terms whatever some auditor thinks (speaking as a former auditor myself!).

You would struggle to find anyone in Scotland who would not acknowledge that firstly, Brexit is a disaster inflicted upon us against our will and with no acknowledgement whatsoever of our clearly expressed wishes in 2016, and also that Johnson’s Tories are the most appalling government in our lifetimes and that there is no realistic alternative government in prospect south of the border. The realisation is dawning that the only prospect of a future that does not include supermarkets with permanently empty shelves is to choose independence and renewed membership of the EU.

By Jethro Mann

8 thoughts on “‘What an appalling editorial’

  1. Largely the comments btl on the Grauniad article are very dismissive of the quality of research and analysis in it. Though there are naturally the rabid, foaming-at-the-mouth Essennpeebaddd types.
    One demanded proportional voting system across UK and Scotland to avoid having majority governments… – was gently advised to read up on the different voting systems for different parliaments 🙂

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  2. Yes well said. The legacy of the British nationalists ruling Scotland and controlling Scottish councils for decades, (centuries in the case of BritNat rule) as well as the terrible wasteful legacy of UK (London HQ’d) Labour at the helm for ten years as soon as devolution was voted for by the Scottish people, is something which needs to be exposed. It’s a terrible legacy of neglect and oppression, lies and outright criminality in terms of what the EngGov have stolen from Scotland, in monetary terms as well as culturally and also identity. The ‘union’ is colonialism in all but name, and the colonists don’t play nice when they see their last colony is intending to break off the horrifically unequal, more or less forced relationship, which has been detrimental to the country of Scotland.

    Brexit is an utter catastrophe for Scotland, and to have been dragged out of the EU against the will of the majority of the people of Scotland, and told to shut up by the BritNat government in London, when asking nicely to be involved in talks, is absolutely undemocratic and reveals exactly how Scotland is viewed, as a playground for the rich, a gravy train for the EngGov and the people are seen as collateral, when it comes to storing WMD’s in our territorial waters etc.

    The next year is going to be interesting, and COP26 is going to be very interesting indeed.

    Should ScotGov introduce vaccine passports for people travelling into Scotland?

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  3. The editorial would have been written by Severin Carrel and/or Libby Brooks. Their remit, like that of Ciaran Jenkins of Ch4 News is to present Scotland to the English public in a bad light.

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    1. It sometimes feels like that Alasdair especially with Severin Carrel, but I have seen both Libby and Ciaran being a bit more balanced in their reports. I’m not sure whether the consistently negative articles are actually designed to put Scotland/SNP down or whether it is just a totally anglocentric perspective believing what they are told by tory/labour sources rather than doing any digging themselves. So I don’t see it as deliberate (or not all the time at least), just as an alternative view which I disagree with

      For example I am now predisposed to look for the positives in Scotland and the negatives in Westminster, without always checking facts & sources to back up my points. And no, I’m not a journalist with a duty to do this but I do recognise it must be hard to treat the subject objectively when you strongly support the union. I think the Jethro Man reply to the article is exactly what we need to keep chipping away at the idea the union is a good thing, I just wish I could write so fluently and have the time to respond to similar articles

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      1. The Graun is no friend of the SNP, to say the least. Friends in England and in Scotland who read the pretendy lefty paper, at best ridicule the SNP, at worst, have an inherent disdain for the SNP that is inexplicable really. It’s almost as if the SNP have somehow harmed them, even personally. Perhaps that stems from a belief that the so called union is sacred somehow, something no one should challenge. How dare you want to leave the precious UK, Scotland! Even though they know how terrible the ‘UK’ EngGov is for the majority of people in their UK.

        Papers like the Graun know exactly what they are doing and it is designed to put Scotland down, and to undermine the democratically elected government of Scotland. The media is controlled by those in high office, even the pretendy lefty ones, it’s all backed by big money as well, which is why Scotland has a mountain to climb to counter the lies, misinformation, and obfuscation that is printed and televised day in day out by the BritNat media.

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      2. I think the anglocentrism is very pronounced in the Guardian and has been since it moved from Manchester to London. Unlike the Daily Mail, Sun, Times, etc, which actually have specifically Scottish editions and so are much more attuned to opinion in Scotland, the Guardian is essentially a paper for the self proclaimed ‘progressives’ of North London. They KNOW what is right for people. This Metrocentric bombast is particularly marked in people like Polly Toynbee, Zoe Williams, Heather Stewart, and Larry Elliot. Most of their colleagues in the Observer are similarly condescending.

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  4. 2Million voters in Scotland do not agree with 10,000 Guardian readership.

    Voters vote en masse for the SNP policies in Scotland.

    The Guardian £Billion in reserves begs for financial support from poorer readership. Total hypocrites. The Westminster cabal controls the Press. Right wing tax evading Non Doms own the Press. Supporting the criminals at Westminster for personal gain.

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