In a national crisis as cases fall?

Based on no official data, just on what a trade union convener tells them anecdotally, Reporting Scotland announce:

A health service feeling the pressure as Scotland reports almost 4 300 new Covid cases, with 985 patients now in hospital. The union that represents ambulance staff says we’re in a national crisis with their members regularly queuing for three hours at A&E departments.

Only one man’s comments. A union leader understandably committed to his members interests, a union, Unite, affiliated to the Labour Party, and no figures at all. Only after all this drama do we get to hear NHS Scotland report that 99% of cases are being responded to within 30 minutes.

Which hospitals are involved? The implication of a ‘national crisis’ is many and not just one – the new Southern General in Glasgow.

And those 4 298 cases, down from 6 815 in the previous 24 hours?

And those 985 patients, down from 2 053 on January 22nd?

This is not the news but a campaign.

5 thoughts on “In a national crisis as cases fall?

  1. Restrictions should have been out in before the nightclubs and football terraces opened. They are now being put in. Shutting the stable door after the horse has bolted. The covid cases spiked, alarmingly. The virus spread like wildfire. Even among people being cautious. The youngsters and fans became super spreaders. Even two jabbed people can get it. Just less severe. People have to test all the time to find out if they are clear.

    The unionists parties do not support further restrictions. Claiming personal freedom to super spread. They support higher caseloads, hospital admissions and death. Unite affiliated to Labour fund them along with other trade unions. Now complaining about their members extra work load. A complete contradiction. Restrictions are being put in place a bit late. To stop the spike and get cases down. People still need to be cautious but it is now clear if people can get the virus twice with severe symptoms. The spike might fall with more people having immunity. Time will tell.

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  2. It is not clear if people can get the virus twice. Or transition be so severe a second time. Some people report it is just like flu. Unless people have underlying conditions, it is not such a danger.


  3. “This is not the news but a campaign” – Absolutely, and politically motivated at that.

    HMS Sarah Smith’s obsession with broadcasting negativity in Scotland has been regularly highlighted on this site as unique in the BBC’s network, frequently in breech of it’s charter, yet blessed and supported by London management.

    Similarly McNamee and Unite.
    Where are the same calls by Unite leaders in Wales or England for Army intervention to solve the “crisis” ? – NONE.
    Where is the polling from their members on the issue and solutions ? NONE.

    Only in Scotland is there a “crisis” despite all evidence demonstrating Scotland is better off than elsewhere in the UQ.
    That’s not news it’s propaganda, and Mis-Reporting Scotland are playing their disgraceful part.

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