This is a gross exaggeration of a local problem as 99% are responded to in 30 minutes or less

Reporting Scotland tonight:

There have been calls for the army to be drafted in to help deal with the current pressures on the health service. Ambulance union leaders say their crews are regularly queuing for hours at hospitals.

Only one union leader (Jamie McNamee of Unite) appears to call for the army, followed by Gillian Evans of NHS Grampian, the new go-to-woman for BBC Scotland to forecast more doom. Was Prof Bauld getting too positive, too close to the Scot Gov. Where’s Prof Sridhar? Murdo Fraser ban?

Unite is the Labour party’s biggest financial backer.

Almost every time McNamee appears in news report, so does Jackie Baillie, agreeing with each other.

Contradicting their own headline thesis we do get to hear from NHS Scotland that 70% of cases were responded to within 10 minutes and 99% in under 30 minutes.

So, where are these queues of more than 4 hours? The report was not specific. I can find reports of queuing at the Queen Elizabeth, but only there.

15 thoughts on “This is a gross exaggeration of a local problem as 99% are responded to in 30 minutes or less

  1. Here is the reality
    If a ambulance picks up a covid or suspect covid case
    Then a huge amount of time and resource is spent sterilising the ambulance and crew prior redeployment
    Obviously with increasing covid hospital
    Admissions creates shortages and time lags
    Hence a strict protocol deployed in screening 999 calls to ascertain how critical the need for a ambulance and paramedic required
    All a case of proper organised controlled logistics
    Bring the Army in and the only result will be Chaos and without doubt increase in covid transmission via Army vehicles and personnel
    For F** k sake ABC (BBC) and MSM
    Get a grip of your rancid research and reporting
    The 1st and most important task of any ambulance is that of saving lives
    And that is exactly what is going to plan
    In these most difficult of times in Scotland
    As for England,Wales & NI
    Well that tis a matter for their broken fragmented systems to come to terms with

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  2. Why this unionist knee-jerk reaction to ANY crisis – bring in the army !
    FFS ! have you seen the mess that the British Army leaves behind whenever they are called upon ?
    Afghanistan , Iraq , N. Ireland , and as they are currently occupied in around eighty
    ( yes , 80 !! ) countries around the world , how could they possibly cope with duties around Scotland too ?

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  3. Yes, I saw the that Reporting Scotland piece, what an embellished story!

    Usual BBC Scotland format these days; A Trade Union Rep, with I seem to remember, comments of “Ambulances waiting for 3 hours”. Not sure where or in what context. And then the killer plea from the Trade Union rep for the Army to assist.

    The BBC then showed a clip of some stationary ambulances and then I think a road in Edinburgh, without actually showing any Hospital in the clip?

    Sorry BBC Scotland, this is just cheap trashy made up attacks to suit your organisations political agenda and most of Scotland see right through it.

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      1. Robert: Yes, I of course take your point, and you are correct.

        However, the more “we”, the great unwashed, zealots, flag waving cult members can highlight to others just how ridiculous BBC Scotland reporting has become, the more chance we can counter this biased nonsense.

        I do know that some folk will cling to the “Aunty, “The Beeb”, Terry Wogan and his Togs” view of the BBC as a warm benign organisation, but certainly in Scotland they are, as time passes, in a minority and becoming even more so as time passes.

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  4. Yet another example of the State Propaganda Unit doing what the State Propaganda Unit does. It’s literally set up to lie, deceive, distort and misrepresent on a rolling 24 hour news cycle across all of the BBC Scotland platforms in order to fight against Scottish independence and discredit the democratically elected (by a massive margin) Scottish Government in any way it can. It is supported in this endeavour by a;; nut one of the print media outlets here and by all of the broadcast media outlets. Various trade unions play a significant and recurring part in the ‘war against indy’ effort.

    It takes just a few minutes to compare the web based output across England, Wales and NI with that of BBC Scotland on any given day. There is nothing remotely like the venomous, corrosive output we get here in any of the other three parts of the so called UK. Ever.

    The effort to defeat the independence movement we saw up close and personal during the 2014 referendum has morphed into the truly ruthless and highly aggressive version we now have.

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  5. Whit! The army? Just the army?

    What about the Highland vets service? Or the gannet observatory?
    And surely you wouldn’t leave out the junior Muffin the Mule Club and Scotsman knitting bee?

    We can have a larf about the BEEB right now, but their days are as numbered as punkah-wallahs during the Raj.

    Soon we will have a sober-sided service giving straight news with no time for the fripperies of Trades Union buffoons venting their stand-up comic tendencies.

    Seems to be Proms night on the BEEB just now. Master-debating for fervent Tory Brit nits.
    Hahahahaha! Look, look———it’s DRossie and Murdo—-no, no, oops—-DONT look!


    1. I was at a friend’s and had to watch a bit of the ‘Proms’ and the only things I noticed were:- 1) a large number of EU flags and 2) not a single Saltire in the audience – even when the cameras were ‘panning’ during Auld Lang Syne!!
      Sorry, but the image of all those people singing about ‘Brits ruling the waves’ with such fervour (when shop shelves are emptying rapidly) was stomach-churning. Get me out of this union!! These Brits are brain dead.

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  6. ‘Bring in the army’? Wait ‘bring in’? Where from? Which ‘army;? Who’s ;army;?

    Well Scotland, you need the ‘army’ from somewhere, hmm hmm, to come and rescue you and manage your Scottish NHS because your democratically elected government and their Green pals just can’t do government properly, in fact maybe just enact a full on coup and oust that useless whatshername Sturgeon and so like in Brazil get out on the streets and demand a far right wing government take over your country, and you could get a free right wing brand of t-shirt and flags just like them. Yoohoo!

    ‘Bring in the army’, how very sinister indeed. Still, it’s an indication of just how utterly desperate the Brit state is right now, I wonder what sort of plot they have planned in the run up to COP26…

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  7. Read the “There have been calls…” piece on the BBC Scotland website, and was left wondering who were the others to make one man’s “call” plural, or why anybody would be interested in his opinion.

    Presumably PQ were struggling to reach their weekly “depressing stories” quota, and McNamee was next on their rota for a negative quote. Throw in the idiotic Army reference and voila, target met, good news stories kept off the page…

    The news where you are is not the news where we are…

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  8. Unionists on the Hospital Boards. Ex politicians and their cronies. Lucrative political appointments. The cuckoos in the nest. Feathering their nests. Unionists politicians trying to make personal gain privatising healthcare. The Tory mantra.

    Unionists political appointments for personal gains. Shares and dividends in private healthcare companies. Over remuneration for illegal PPE contracts without proper scrutiny. Appointed head of Gov funded schemes married to Tory MPs who want to privatise the health service for personal gain. Squandering, wasting and mismanaging public funding and monies. Losing £Billions.

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