On Reporting Scotland tonight:

Police officers had to take more than 6 000 days off work after being assaulted during the pandemic, according to figures from Police Scotland. The Scottish Conservatives who obtained the figures from a freedom of information request, said the Scottish Government has failed to keep officers safe. The Scottish Government said assaults of police officers are completely unacceptable.

The number of days off is up but we don’t get to hear how many officers were assaulted or how many assaults there were. Down?

There are 17 283 police officers in Scotland for a population of 5.4 million.

They work around 200 days per year so, together they work around 3 456 600 days per year.

6 487 were lost recovery from assaults. That’s 0.18%. Is that a lot for a profession involved in dealing with offences?

One way of protecting police officers is to make sure there are enough of them. Is the track record of Conservatives in government good in this respect?

There are approximately 135 301 police officers in England and Wales. With a population of 59 million, nearly 12 times greater, England & Wales should have 207 000. With officer cuts from the time of Theresa May, the UK Conservative Government has failed to keep officers safe.




5 thoughts on “0.18%

  1. John
    Congrats on applying simple rational,logic and maths to thoroughly bust another ABC (BBC) and Tory unionist myth and fairy tale
    How to make a mountain of a mole hill

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  2. Tonight at Hypocrites Anonymous.

    “My name I’d Douglas, and I’m a hypocrite” I attack the Scottish for doing the same or much better than the Brits”.

    “Good evening, my name is Alexi and I’m a hypocrite. I claim to be a liberal and a Democrat when I actually practice neither”.

    “Um, er, eh, hello. My name is, um, er, Annie Starwars, and I’m a hypocrite. I claim to be a socialist, but bought a privileged upbringing and private education for my children, similar to the life, my rich Labour MP father gave to me”.

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  3. How many Civil Servants have had to take time off work due to stress at the plethora of Freedom of Information requests that have snowed them under from the BBC , the ”Scottish Tories ” , ”Scottish Labour ” , etc… ?

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  4. How many police assaults or inaccurate reports. 50% of people in prison are on the spectrum. They have additional needs and have not had the necessary support, They can act differently from others when accosted. They do not understand the system and need more consideration and help put in place. They can thrive with additional necessary assistance.. Often small measures of caring or understanding. A little extra help throughout the system.

    There is not enough diversity training and relevant knowledge in society. Politicians and comedians can get it wrong. It is not funny. Comic politicians do not cut it. They make it worse.

    Abused women are being abused by the legal system. It cannot be dropped or appealed. Unless they have family members in high, privilege positions.

    Women who co habit (the majority) do not have equal rights with others. They have to put in a claim within a year and fight through the ‘justice’ system for their rights and entitlements It can cost £thousands. Money they do not have. There is little legal aid. It has to be paid back in any case. It is a scandal. Women can completely lose out. There is no equal justice.

    Women and children are living in unsafe, abusive situations just to keep a roof over their heads. They do not have equal rights with others. Politicians do nothing about it. Just give lip service. In England it has been changed so women can get legal aid and not lose their homes.

    The Law should be changed to give women equal rights with others and not be stuck in abusive, bad situations. Unless they have friends or family in high places. Women unrepresented 30%. There has been consultation for years, without changes. Too many women continue to be abused in unsafe situations. They do not have equal rights. The majority.

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