Welsh hospitality bosses silent on vaccine passports

BBC Wales, as ever, referring politely to ‘First Minister, Mark Drakeford‘ not just ‘Drakeford‘, help their readers understand the vaccine certification proposals and reassure them that it will not affect access to crucial public services.

Even the Tory rep just gets to say something obvious and doesn’t try to justify the certification in England but not in Wales, as Douglas Ross has, here:

The Welsh Conservatives said “we have got to learn to live with Covid” as their health spokesperson Russell George said he was “absolutely against Covid passports for domestic use“.


No hospitality industry rep is allowed to confuse the message with a rant about supposed confusion and unfairness to him. Surely they have strip club owners, barbers or owners of nightclubs who don’t know that’s what they are, in Cardiff, who know all about epidemiology like the ones BBC Scotland love to consult?

Leon Thompson, of the trade body UK Hospitality Scotland, told BBC Radio’s Good Morning Scotland programme that his members were “very concerned” about a lack of detail on how the passports would work.

He said: “There’s been some very rushed and hurried conversations with officials over the last few days but we still have no real information on how the Scottish government will introduce the scheme.”

Mr Thompson said there was real difficulty in defining what counted as a nightclub and added that he had seen no evidence from the Scottish government that this was going to make a difference to infection rates.


Scottish Liberal Democrat leader Alex Cole-Hamilton says his party is “fundamentally opposed” to the passport scheme on grounds of ideology and practicality.

He says it does not address the booster programme, which could result in “another crushing burden” to the hospitality industry.

After talks with industry representatives, he says there is concern vaccine passports could give people a “false sense of security” which could lead to increased transmission of the virus.


Night club owners are psychologists too?

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2 thoughts on “Welsh hospitality bosses silent on vaccine passports

  1. I am awaiting advice on this serious issue as I do not have any experience of Vaccine Passports .
    All these other ”instant experts” , like Cole-Hamilton , simply undermine the good work that real experts do on this and other matters .

    Over to you Prof. Pennington !

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