Calls for BBC accuracy

The story at the beginning, with the source, a Labour-affiliated union, a rep close to Jackie Baillie, feeding BBC Scotland with an uber-Unionist story, devoid of evidence but meat and drink to them.

The headline nearly accurate but, really, have the members been consulted?

Before you get to see the mention of the union, the headline is shorter and implies perhaps an impartial source. It’s a two-liner so the word ‘Unite‘ would fit in neatly. Why take it out?

The Reporting Scotland editor decides to pick it up and make it a big one.

What, just a union rep? No, say ‘calls’ to make it sound like we might have medics or experts here.

MSM Monitor and that old prof guy are counting? Who cares? Think of our audience.

16 thoughts on “Calls for BBC accuracy

  1. Unite funded illegal wars and the banking crash. Killing and maiming Millions of people. Leaving people in poverty, Len McCluskey could have stopped it. Lived it up on the members contribution and interfered in political matters. Putting up his cronies as Labour candidates against the local parties opposition.

    The union leadership and politicians interfered in the Scottish Indy Ref. Unwarranted political interference. Along with the Royalty. Breaking Purdah and electoral Law. The illegal vow etc. Cameron, Clegg, Brown where are they now defrauding the public purse. With impunity. Austerity and Brexit killing people.

    The newly elected leader, a female, is reported as not going to be so generous to Labour affiliated political funding.

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    1. Attention all
      OR BIASED LABOUR so called leaders

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  2. Can you imagine if they were to report on your blog?
    Something like “Professor John Robertson, retired, long time critic of BBC in Scotland and Independence for Scotland supporter, has called for accuracy from BBC, despite the fact we always provide balanced coverage……”

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  3. Despite this ambulance “crisis” being even worse in other parts of the UK, not a word on other parts of the BBC by Unite leaders, absolutely nothing.

    Mis-Reporting Scotland, “does what it says on the tin”.

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  4. When are these headlines going to be publicly challenged for there lack of accuracy, not just from the BBC but all media outlets? Surely there is a national, consumer funded public platform that presents reports in a fact checked, properly investigated, unbiased, non misleading way? You know, one that is trusted by the people? 🤔

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    1. Nah, these people police themselves, it’s like those nightmare dystopian films, like ‘The Prisoner’ where the guy can never escape. Though I thin it was a series, it was very good anyway in a cultish way!

      You can’t beat the powerful by asking them to be nice and play fair and all that, which is why this blog and others are crucial, it’s why the internet and things like twitter (which the establishment and their anti democratic media constantly try to portray as dangerous to democracy lol, the irony) are crucial as well. People sit in front of the BBC etc day in day out, older people especially, stuck indoors, and are basically brainwashed.

      The BBC can do what they like, and ain’t nothing no one can do about it, no point complaining to them either, it’s all quite 1984.

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      1. In fact I saw and commented on a post on twitter other day by a BBC ‘reporter’ whose job it is to identify and report on disinformation and manipulation on er, social media, my words but basically that is her job. I said maybe look in your own backyard first! Comments btl were very much in favour, go for it BBC, lies and fabrication are terrible on ‘social media’.

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    1. Didn’t the English government introduce laws where the BBC journalists etc (for want of a better description) can’t ’embarass the goverment’ and if they do could end up in prison for a long while?

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  5. This morning on #Marr, Nick Robinson (entirely predictably) mentioned 3 hour ambulance delays in Scotland to Sajid Javid. Does he not know about the delays in England? For example –

    “Aug 2019, pre-pandemic, crews recorded a total 3,893 hours delayed at hospitals.
    Aug 2021 it had risen to 15,651 hours, with almost half of WMAS ambulances at a hospital at any one time.”

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    1. If there is an imminent problem in England, 9 times out of 10 you will see a problem appear via opposition accusation in Holyrood, and/or be heavily promoted by BBC Scotland. Whether it is to obscure on the same subject is neither here nor there, it is all part of the deflection game so beloved of the London elites, Tories or otherwise.
      The “Scottish” problem then gets amplified in England’s media, a role in which Nick “he said nothing” Robinson is well-versed, and make no mistake, Javid is complicit in the illusion.

      As just one Scotland example, take a random sample of “Where were Care Home deaths worst in the UK, England or Scotland ?” and you will find 99% of England’s public believe it was Scotland, without any data in which to base that conclusion.
      By the time reality emerges in some later Inquiry they are historical irrelevant, the HMG version of “truth” has already been sold to the public.

      As England example- 4+ years after Grenfell there is not a single Tory imprisoned for manslaughter despite the catastrophic errors made, and all earlier accused are presumed pivotal to outcome, precisely as planned. A stitchup/

      Scots may not be vengeful but are nowhere near so gullible as they were in 2014, we remember “the bastirt’s name”, their comeuppance is inevitable.
      That equally applies to Pacific Quay, Labour, Tory and Unite leaders etc., it’s perhaps a good time to consider early retirement.

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  6. The BBC is now controlled and run on behalf of the of the Conservative Party.
    Like most of the press operating in Scotland.
    And just like the Electoral Commission is about to be.

    Imagine if the Electoral Commission had to consult with, and report to–John Swinney!

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