Only in Scotland an NHS ‘crisis’ based on one trade unionist’s campaigning anecdotes

Says who?

‘The chair of BMA Scotland’

First, he’s not a ‘chair.’ BMA Scotland is the GP’s trade union, Scottish branch and he’s the convenor often on TV and radio and in the press to argue for his member’s interests. At best he exaggerates, commonly he lies.

A ‘chair’ is a professor who knows a huge amount about something and is appointed in a competitive process on the basis of years of leading research. This is a pretention and a deception which our state broadcaster colludes in to undermine the work of our NHS and by association, the SNP Government.

We hear of a crisis, covering for absence, verbal abuse and not being valued financially. No evidence is offered.

Just in passing, GPs average over £100 000 per year.

Now, I’m not saying they’re not really busy or stressed but, and a public service broadcaster should be telling us this, Scotland’s GPs cannot be as busy or as stressed as they were back in January.

Admissions less than half of those at the January peak and ICU admissions around half then due to the increases in cases being largely among the younger and fitter who are not consulting GPs or A&E.

Further, as we have known for some time, Scotland has 76 GPs per 100,000 people, compared to a national UK average of 60 and only 58 in England. I am prepared to accept there is a crisis in NHS England.

Finally, Scottish GPs have already revealed themselves to have been less busy and less stressed than those in other parts of the UK. Based on research from 2015, the most recent:

Scottish GPs are the most satisfied with practising medicine:

Scotland – 80%

England – 65%

Wales – 67%

Northern Ireland – 71%

Fewer Scottish GPs work excessive hours than those in the rest of the UK (percentages):

                  England          Scotland         Wales              N Ireland

1-34                 22                    15                    20                    20

35-44               29                    34                    33                    34

44-54               28                    39                    32                    28

50 or over       21                    12                    15                    19

Scottish doctors are the least stressed in the UK (percentages)

                 England          Scotland         Wales              N Ireland

Extremely       19                    7                      18                    15

Very                 43                    25                    37                    27

Somewhat       34                    57                    36                    47

Not too            3                      11                    8                      10

Not at all         1                      0                      1                      0

The above come from a rigorous academic study carried out by professional researchers, not interested parties like the BBC, BMA or RCGP, at the Commonwealth Institute (NY, USA):

I had to make a special request for the breakdown of the UK figures.

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11 thoughts on “Only in Scotland an NHS ‘crisis’ based on one trade unionist’s campaigning anecdotes

  1. Aye, they’re getting increasingly desperate for any negative NHS stories to amplify the Jackie Baillie “crisis”…
    Their “NHS Borders ‘busier than any of the busiest winters'” article was obviously spurred by patients being impatient or abusive to staff, but the choice of quote from the Director implies a different reflection.

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  2. I talk to people when appropriate about the lies and distortions from the BBC. It is amazing how many people are tuned into how poor they are. I hope with a few recent examples to make them think in the future in an effort to help Indy. ‘Every Little Helps’ as some say.

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  3. ‘BMA Scotland’ have a WP account, it’s come up on ‘more at wp’. Just looking at the title of one article, looks like a talking shop for anyone with a gripe against the ScotGov.


  4. O/T Want to protest outside the Senedd? Here are the guidelines you have to follow – see specifically Chapter 4 ‘Participating in demonstrations on the Senedd Estate’ of the document entitled ‘Security: Visitor Code of Conduct

    ( )

    In this document issued by the Senedd Commission, equivalent of the Scottish Parliament Corporate Body, we learn:

    ‘4.5.  Demonstrations may take place outside of Senedd buildings if they comply with the rules laid out in this code of conduct.’

    It adds: ‘4.7. A failure to observe the RULES OF THIS CODE will mean that the permission to hold the demonstration on the Senedd Estate MAY NEED to be terminated, in which case participants will be ASKED TO LEAVE and, if they refuse to do so, will be regarded as trespassers. The Senedd RESERVES THE RIGHT to take appropriate legal action to remove any trespassers from the Senedd Estate. Trespass on the Senedd estate is a criminal offence. The Senedd is a PROTECTED SITE under Section 128 of the Serious Organised Crime and Police Act 2005.’ (my emphasis)

    Additional information from the same document provides useful context for those intending to hold a ‘demonstration’ which may include but is not limited to individual protests, group protests, gatherings, rallies, marches, hunger strike protests and vigils.

    ‘4.2. The Senedd believes in the fundamental principle of freedom of expression. The Senedd WELCOMES, and will take reasonable steps to facilitate, lawful and peaceful demonstrations on its estate.

    ‘4.3. The rules contained in this Code are intended to ensure that such demonstrations are conducted in a way which does not interfere with:
    4.3.1. The business of the Senedd;
    4.3.2. The rights, safety and welfare of Senedd staff;
    4.3.3. The rights, safety and welfare of others visiting the Senedd Estate.

    And notably the codified rules for the Senedd Estate also has this: ‘4.4. The Chief Executive and staff of the Senedd are responsible for enforcing the rules of the Code. Organisers of proposed demonstrations ARE ENCOURAGED TO CONTACT the Senedd’s Security Staff to discuss and agree suitable arrangements.’

    Note the term ‘encouraged to contact’ in advance – not ‘must’!!

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  5. Prevention is better than cure.

    Biased. Lecturing others. Has legs and could run and run.

    The Doctors organisations were consulted they decided to have less Doctors for more remuneration. To work longer hours? It was their choice and decision. The GP practices get paid per patient. With extra remuneration for certain Gov policies. They can earn £100,000+ upwards. They deserve it. A dedicated profession with relatively high standards and respect. When people need medical care they want the best. The NHS has massive support.

    Doctors could receive more remuneration with better (UK) Gov policies. NHS funding £139Billion increased to £149Billion. One of the largest organisations and employers. More Doctors work part time by comparison. They can retire earlier with good pensions. There was a study that showed Doctors could chose to work less hours for less remuneration. Not so stressful or hectic. People are queuing up to be Doctors. Medical training and application oversubscribed.

    Funding on the military increased £5Billion to £55Billion. Illegal wars and killing people. Instead of saving them. Cutting foreign sud. More people will die. Life expectancy going down under the Tories. Brexit and Austerity killing even more.


  6. Cutting foreign aid that could save people’s lives and stop poverty worldwide. Tories ignorant and unkind. It will lead to more trouble and migration worldwide.


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