Opinium Poll: Why it’s probably even better than 44% to 43%


Using the graphics from Mark McGeoghegan (https://twitter.com/markmcgeoghegan), if you take account of the ‘probables’ it’s more like 44% to 39% or, if you also split the dks, it’s 51% to 46%.

If you look at the age groups as David Francis tweeted:

David Francis@beith123

  • Under 55 years of age – 63% YES
  • Under 45 years of age – 68% YES
  • Under 35 years of age – 70% YES

The future belongs to us?

No it’s not a Nazi line. You’re thinking of the made up Hitler Youth song, ‘Tomorrow belongs to me‘, in the film ‘Cabaret‘ and written by two Jewish guys.

5 thoughts on “Opinium Poll: Why it’s probably even better than 44% to 43%

  1. That before folks come off the fence when campaigning begins…

    There’s still a lot of bunkum to demolish, such as Alister Jack’s “hard international border” and the fabled thousands travelling to work every day across the border – Folks who shop in Carlisle once in a blue moon or visit relatives in England now and again have been thoroughly worked over with this bunkum, the latest ruse being to suggest England might rescind the CTA.

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    1. The English establishment still think the world revolves around them.
      When they threaten to close borders,their assumption is that only those on the other side of that border will suffer.
      A recent example of that was their bluster about Germany coming to heel after Brexit and agreeing to their trade demands because Germany needed to sell cars to England.
      Their threat to cut off food supplies to Ireland during the Brexit negotiations has resulted in Ireland bypassing them in trade with Europe.
      This is a wakeup call for Scotland.
      They used similar tactics running up to the Treaty of Union and will do so again.
      As with sourcing our own PPE equipment during the Covid emergency,following their blocking of supplies to our NHS,we need to be prepared for this sort of bullying from London and have alternative arrangements ready.
      I don’t think assuming that London will be reasonable and continue existing trade arrangements with Scotland is a sensible approach,not least because any divorce is not going to be amicable on their side of things.
      Old scout moto,Be Prepared.

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  2. The campaign has not even started.

    The Poll is suspect. ‘Scotland in Union’ poll.? Where are the working and the qualification to the question. The sample quota. Biased?

    Independence is the demographics of the future. Even on these results. Overwhelming.


  3. Yes, YEs, YES………it IS going our way. The info Scotgov is preparing must be good and well though out with strap lines we can all use.
    Strong enough
    Bright enough
    Wealthy enough
    Yes we can
    A Wellness future
    Economy changing to high wage
    Own currency with three months
    No Nukes

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