Yes ahead again in wake of SNP/Greens agreement

In recent times, Opinium have not had a majority for No so it seems likely that their sampling differs from that of , especially, Savanta who regularly provide the Scotsman with the negative results they desire.

This is the first Yes majority since the end of April and the first poll, at all, since early August. It is also evidence that the SNP/Green deal is popular.

Within the data there was also a massive lead for the SNP (51%) over the Tories (21%) and Labour (17%) suggesting that MSM failures to challenge the double standards of Douglas Ross have not helped him much and that their championing of Sarwar has been even less successful. It’s an appalling result for Sarwar suggesting he is heading the same way as Starmer – out.

With the data collected between the 3rd and 8th of September, the ongoing attempts by strip club owners on BBC Scotland, to imply confusion in Scottish Government pandemic measures such as the vaccine certification, have had little traction.

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