Double standards


According to Healthcare News yesterday vaccine passports are ‘widely deployed‘ across Europe and:

Vaccine passports in large indoor venues and nightclubs in England will be required at the end of September.   UK vaccine minister Nadhim Zahawi, who in February described vaccine passports as ‘discriminatory’ has now said it was the right time to start the scheme for sites with large crowds.

There will be no vote on this in England so Douglas Ross’ hypocrisy will not be fully tested but, we all know he and his Westminster team would not dare to vote against it, yet it seems he is determined to try to score a point by voting against the very same measure in Scotland.

BBC Scotland may ask him about this on Sunday, or maybe not.

5 thoughts on “Double standards

  1. What BBC Scotland will do as they have done for years, and did again yesterday on Reporting Scotland opened with a piece on camera from DRoss criticising/carping about some aspect of SG and then playing the FM speaking. The implication is that she is reacting to and defending or denying something about the particular aspect. It is possible that the piece by DRoss and that by the FM were sequential, but, more often than not, they have been edited and ‘framed’ to appear as if the FM is on the back foot and reacting.

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  2. “BBC Scotland may ask him about this on Sunday, or maybe not” I suspect we already know the answer to this from their radio silence on his “arse being handed to him on a plate” at Holyrood.

    You can see the BBC’s “honest reporting you can trust” promoted article entitled “MSPs to vote on Scottish vaccine passport scheme”, open to comment from the frothies of course, alongside their “Covid in Scotland: Surge in cases ‘may be slowing down'” spiel and “SNP vote against new health and social care tax” all to keep their Basingstoke contingent occupied…

    A one liner and a quote from the ever appalled Forres Gump will undoubtedly be the focus on the main news…

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  3. Speaking of BBC I notice that Paul Gambaccini and others are going after the Police Commissioner Cressida Dick,saw him on TV did not hold back and said he would be going after the BBC later the newscaster not very happy worth having a look if someone could get the link.


  4. I dislike the BBC because it lies and distorts. Modelled on the USSR newspaper called PRAVDA.

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  5. ‘SNP vote AGAINST new health and social care tax’, heard that sort of thing before, from family and friends in England but it was about the myth going round, ‘the SNP let Thatcher into power’. Hands on forehead.

    The whole narrative about the SNP voting against the good work being done by the EngGov (aye right) is to distract folk mainly in England from the real issues they face with their Tory government taking from the poor to give even more to the rich. Classic tactic, shift the emphasis and blame Scotland, but it’s also quite sinister, the aim being to create division and instil a sense of animosity towards Scotland, so easy to do.
    What happened to EVEL?

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