The SNP/Greens crowbar emerges


When the facts change, I change my mind.

The Scottish Government has clearly change its mind on setting up a not-for-profit company to deliver cheap energy for those who need it but they have not given up on the underlying intentions.

This is just the first of many attempts by the Scotsman to try to split the SNP/Greens alliance.

In the Programme for Government, but conveniently ignored, we can read:

Increase funding for home energy and green heating systems installations; provide £50 million for Warmer Homes Scotland to support those in fuel poverty through the heat transition; and investing £30 million in green heating and energy efficiency projects in social housing.

Providing £1.8 billion to make homes easier and greener to heat, as part of a commitment to decarbonise 1 million homes by 2030.

As for the implied early betrayal of the Greens, Patrick Harvie said:

This is a historic programme for government, the first with a Greens agenda anywhere in the UK. I’m proud we will lead efforts to lower the emissions produced by Scotland’s buildings, and the increased investment announced by the First Minister will begin that work.

This programme for government paves the way for a just transition for workers too. This includes the £500 million Just Transition Fund for the North East and Moray, where alternative jobs in low carbon industries are most needed.

I’m also proud to be leading a new deal for tenants. Our strategy will be published this year and will propose a system of rent controls that will tackle spiralling costs for those in the private rented sector.”

And in the eyes of the former leader of the Greens:

The most radical change any government in the UK has proposed since the 1945 Labour manifesto.

3 thoughts on “The SNP/Greens crowbar emerges

  1. The BBC, Hootsmon,Torygraf, Herod, DRossie, Starwars et al are a circular firing squad of such utter B.S. and hypocrisy, that will only quicken the day we are an independent country once more.

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  2. Cut the heating in government, municipal building schools and shops, offices in commercial premises. Poor ventilation. Even hospitals can be too hot with no openable windows. For safety. Hotter weather means less need for heating costs. It can be wetter.

    Scotland pays 10% more cost for fuel and energy. Despite being in surplus and nearer the source. It is colder. The UK Gov refused to let fuel and gas services set a different regional or local tariff. It would be lower in Scotland. 10% less for parity.

    Fuel and energy costs could be lower in Scotland. Scotland could raise more revenues in tax and remuneration. Scotland is the best place for renewable energy. Wind, wave, water and solar. The Isle of Lewis recorded the highest ability for turbine production in the world.

    £500million over how many years. Might not cut it. Unionist councils might waste and misuse the revenues. On wasteful mismanaged projects. £Millions already wasted and misappropriated. On useless worthless projects of no value. Building empty shops and offices. £200million. A £300 million Conference Centre with no parking space. Poor transport connections. Getting into unnecessary debt. Refused a gift of £80Million to pedestrianise and renovate the City Centre. Now an absolute total mess. An embarrassment.

    Less funding for essential services. Against the public wishes and the local interest. There is a history of it. The illegal unionist Alliance. The Councillors remuneration and expenses. Funding and donations for the unionist parties influencing the poor, bad decisions.

    The SNP gets the most elected candidates. The useless unionists parties join together to destroy the local economy. STV. The electorate do not understand it and dilute their vote.


  3. The BritNats must be pulling their hair out at the SNP/Greens deal and all that entails and means for Scotland. If this carries on they will need therapy because it will all be too much to take, how dare ScotGov impose (!) positive policies on the people of Scotland, pah!

    DRoss should surely be straight onto the TV screens to praise the ScotGov for investing in transition to green jobs in his constituency, no, not interested DRoss? Thought not.


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