That headline has nothing to do with the First Minister.

The Metro is not an explicitly anti-SNP organ so a cheap commercial tactic, attracting sales and clicks online, seems likely to explain it but it still adds to the demonising of the SNP leader and to a potential reduction in support.

3 thoughts on “Dishonest

  1. Rags like the ‘Metro’ and even ‘Private eye’ are no friends of the SNP or Scotland.
    All woven from the same BritNat establishment cloth, they cannot abide the fact that Scotland is doing things differently, much better and has actual positive aspirations for their population, so these rags will always work to undermine the ScotGov and demonise the FM, it’s what they do.

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  2. As a subscriber to private eye I have to agree. Their Scottish satire is as they say pisspoor. Fm regularly described as wee krankie lookalike seems to be the best they can manage.
    When we’re independent
    I hope we’ll have our own version. They are tougher on liar Boris and Co however.

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