Scotland first to fully vaccinate the most at risk

In Scotland, there have been 3 114 deaths among the 85+, 2 663 among the 75-84 and 1 434 among the 65-74, 877 among the 45-64, 82 among the 25-44 and less than 10 in each of the 3 younger groups.

Scotland and Northern Ireland have given 1st doses to 100% of the three oldest groups, most at risk, but only Scotland has also given 2nd doses to 100% of these same groups.

In June, when Wales was first to fully vaccinate 50% of all adults, BBC Wales acknowledged it. BBC Scotland prefers to find evidence of Scotland lagging behind.

3 thoughts on “Scotland first to fully vaccinate the most at risk

  1. Possibly a bit O/T but

    Am I the only one who finds the fact that the 12 week trend in England shows a sudden drop in cases (followed by a flat profile for the past 6 weeks) to be mildly suspicious? Especially when all 3 devolved nations show a rise?

    I suppose it could be that people have gone “Woo hoo! Freedom! and switched off the (next to useless) app? So far fewer real cases are being registered.

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    1. England hospital admissions are ~ 7 X ours per head of population. so you’d think their cases should be 7 X ours = 42,000. Currently England are reporting ~ 27,000 for at least 2 weeks. I think you’ve got a point.

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  2. The figures for today, thanks to TravellingTabby, are:

    Scotland = 5810
    NI = 1210
    Wales = 2669
    England = 29286
    TOTAL = 38975

    No idea how to show the graphic, but their weekly average has virtually flattened over the last 6 weeks.

    Could that be correct? Doesn’t look right to me…


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