Demonising the First Ministers

When I heard Reporting Scotland today personalising the ambitions of millions for a second referendum and reducing them to the wishes of one person, the First Minister, my mind was cast back 7 years to the Spring of 2014, when I wrote:

Plus ça change?

5 thoughts on “Demonising the First Ministers

  1. National Broadcaster? But not for the whole nation. Not for all of us.
    Deflecting Yes
    Copying Pravda, Yes
    A disgrace, Yes
    Following their charter, No
    Why would you work for them?

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  2. Character assassination, smear and personal vilification.
    The tactics employed by the British nationalist commentariat and their political spokespersons.
    You can bet if pro-independence persons used the same methods it would be highlighted by the same colonial outlets—and their political puppets–DRossie, Starwars and Cauld-Ham.

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  3. Indeed they have hoards of folk at GCHQ with a direct line to their dodgy psychologists, tutoring on how to frame a narrative, easy peasy lemon squeezy. Oh I know, make it about their chosen one, their leader, she’s bad, and her followers (not voters!) are bad as well.
    The BritNats really are so desperate to demonise Nicola Sturgeon, the worlds eyes will be on Scotland in November for COP26, she must be made to look very very, I dunno, something bad. The English Gov want the FM silenced they know she will wipe the floor when she takes the stage at COP26, and the oh so embarassing PM (yikes) of England will look so incompetent (because he is) it’s going to be so entertaining, can’t wait.

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