BBC reveals massive 175% overspend on Big Ben

The BBC has today revealed a massive, 175% overspend of the restoration of Big Ben, in London. The UK Government has not been available for comment but the BBC’s Laura Kuenssberg is expected to doorstep Johnson for the answer to how this could have happened at a time when the poor cannot feed their families.


Imagine there had been a big overspend on Holyrood repairs

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3 thoughts on “BBC reveals massive 175% overspend on Big Ben

  1. It apparently will have it’s own fire warning and safety system installed so as it doesn’t burn down. As someone on twitter pointed out, er, the high rises around the country with no such system installed, presume that’s ok then.

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  2. John
    You most certainly kidding
    What only 175 % over budget
    A gross underestimate
    Westminster has a outstanding track record on these matters
    As for Laura
    Oh well as i consider myself a gentleman
    Such refrains me from commenting
    Despite such being be very close to the truth if i cared to

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