Massive improvement in schools under SNP

Broomlands Primary School Building wins 2018 GIA Education Building and  2018 Borders Design Award | Frenger Systems UK
Image: Frenger Systems

From the Scottish Government statistics section today:

The proportion of schools reported as being in good or satisfactory condition has increased to 90.2% (89.9% in 2020). This is 29 percentage points higher than in April 2007 (61.1%).

The publication of ‘School Estates Statistics 2021’ by Scotland’s Chief Statistician also showed that the proportion of pupils educated in schools in “poor” or “bad” condition has decreased from 36.6% of all pupils (around 257,000) in 2007 to 8.4% of all pupils (around 59,000) in 2021.

Since 2007-08, 1,000 schools have been built or substantially refurbished (includes those with cost of at least £500,000 for primary and at least £1 million for secondary and special).

Readers may remember Scottish Labour’s performance on schools was problematic when their PFI schemes put local authority inspectors out of the loop leading to walls without cavity ties collapsing:

5 thoughts on “Massive improvement in schools under SNP

  1. ”Schools ….well , that’s all very well but but but … SNP , separatists , partition , GERS ! ”
    Thank you , Mr DRoss for that eloquent summation of the situation .
    Now , following BBC Shortbread’s undermining of Scottish Health , we will be investigating the dire state of Scottish schools and asking Anas Sarwar and Alex Cole-Hamilton for their independent assessment and Prof Pennington will be giving his expert opinion on the state of the Curriculum for Excellence !

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