How the myth of our dependency is perpetuated

‘But Northern Ireland, Wales and Scotland will GET MORE MONEY to decide how to spend’

After Johnson brayed with the pride of a 5 year-old ‘I’m on message (miss)!‘ because he’d managed to scrawl ‘social care‘ on a mug, we hear the above explanation of how a UK-wide tax hike will lead to investment in the devolved health areas.

It just comes naturally to them, to put it that way. They think of us as dependents and that narrative then resurfaces in adult political exchange, even among those who should know a bit about Scotland’s wealth.

It all adds up.

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7 thoughts on “How the myth of our dependency is perpetuated

  1. Scotland raises £66Billion. Increasing with renewables. Gets on average £30Billion Block Grant back. Plus £15Billion (UK) pensions + benefits. £45Billion. Some capital payment. The rest is squandered and mismanaged by Westminster. Too much on the Military. Not based in Scotland. No ships to patrol the shores. Scotland has to pay repayments on loans not borrowed or spent in Scotland. (£Billions). Tax evasion £3Billion. UK Laws not enforced by the Westminster Treasury. UK tax evasion £30Billion. Multinationals (Foreign) getting away with it.

    Scotland cannot borrow to invest in the economy. Westminster borrows and spends what it wants. Scotland could raise £80Billion like Norway without Westminster illegal interference and bad decision. Oil & Gas revenues squandered and wasted by Westminster. On the bankers who fund the Tory Party. Thatcher high unemployment. 15%. Interest rates at 17% and inflation. Thatcher devastated the Scottish economy and secretly and illegally wasted all the Oil and Gas revenues. Funding London S/E. Canary Wharf and Tilbury Docks etc. Tax havens. Kept secret under the Official Secrets Act. Hedge Funds fund the Tory Party.

    Westminster have been secretly and illegally selling weapons to the Saudis and Qatar, since the 1960’s. To destroy the Middle East and the world economy. Breaking International Law. Saudi Arabia spends $69Billion on the Military. 33 million (11 million migrants). One of highest spends in the world.

    Scotland has to pay for Hickley Point, HS2, Trident etc. All a total waste of monies with no business case. Illegal wars, financial fraud, tax evasion Scotland has to pay for Westminster bad, poor economic, social and foreign decision. Brexit will ruin the Scottish economy.

    The poorer who will die younger of deprivation will be paying for Johnston NI social care. They will not benefit. Instead of the costs being met through progressive taxation. Vote Tory to die younger. Life expectancy going down in the South. Military budget increased £5Billion to £55Billion. NHS £139Billion. Increased to £149Billion. The poorer who will not benefit are paying for it. The wealthier are getting away with it.

    Devolution 2000. Scottish Gov can hold Westminster Treasury to account.


    1. Bank of England prints money to buy its own Bond issue—borrowing against itself, so no money is actually involved.
      Scotland, Wales and N Ireland are debited with REAL monetary cuts.

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  2. IMHO Bojo hiked NI because it is a reserved tax and so he could then play the dependency / union bonus / trying to instruct SG how to spend the ‘gift from wasteminster.
    All part of his devolution is bad british nationalist agenda

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  3. Scotland has already extended social care. So the elderly can stay in their own homes with support. Social care £100 a week. Care home provision £800++ a week. Hospital stay £600++ a day. Scotland is already making savings extending the social
    care budget with more provision. The elderly can stay longer in their own homes, where they want to be. 50,000 died on average in Scotland a year. Mainly of old age. More in the winter than the summer, on average. 1/2million+ die in the UK.

    Scotland has more elderly as a % of the population. Needs migration. Scotland has been depopulated by Westminster unionists decision. Scotland population 5million has only increased since 2000 Devolution 5.4million. Scotland’s pop has remained at 5million since 1900 and before. Dipped in the 1950’s (War?).

    Westminster Treasury has been illegally misappropriating Scotland wealth and resources for centuries. The Clearances and migration to get a job. 1960’s. People from Scotland had to migrate worldwide. A 40million disporia. Scotland influence worldwide. US 10% of the population Irish/Scottish decent. Enough to swing an election. Biden Irish decent. Mother Irish. Trump Scottish decent, Mother Scottish.


  4. The biggest ability they have at Westminster is the ability to spread myths. The myths are generated and pushed by a compliant media that do not hold power to account.
    It would by interesting in say ten years time to read an analysis of the improvements in English social care 2022 to 2032, if I live long enough to get there.

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  5. The naked Emperor sits on his Imperial Throne.

    Scotland’s colonial media are too corruptly compliant to ask……
    ” Where are his clothes”?

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  6. Scotland, you are so scammed, they really do take the people of Scotland for fools, and they are laughing all the way to the bank.
    I’ll tell you what, you give me your resources and revenues, chuckle, and I’ll give you a wee bit back, lol, and, wait for it, (drum roll) we’ll throw in a gorgeous set of worn out plastic tupperware for free! How’s that Scotland!
    Take it or leave it, lol lol lol!!!’

    This new tactic of giving away England’s money to Scotland, wooohoo, just because, lol, like trinkets or shiney beads handed out to the natives, so as to keep taking their land and resources. Aye we see your second (or rather third or fourth hand!) hand car salesman tactic Johnson!


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