Teachers’ favourite?

The Herald has often written campaigning pieces on behalf of teachers, pushing for early vaccination, school closures and other special measures for them in the pandemic in an effort to undermine Scottish Government strategies.

Some time ago, I pointed to research showing they were at relatively low risk of infection or harm compared to bus drivers and security guards.

Today, even BBC Scotland opens its report on recent research, accurately:

Scotland’s teachers were not at greater risk of admission to hospital from Covid compared to the general population, a study has found.

Research by Public Health Scotland and the University of Glasgow suggests the risk was no higher than other adults.

While schools were mostly closed, teachers were 50% less likely than the general working population to be admitted to hospital.

When schools were open, the risk in both groups was similar.


The numerically sneaky among you will have spotted an opportunity in the change from ‘50% less likely’ when closed, to ‘similar’ when open. Yes, that’s how they got the headline.

Then they open with:

TEACHERS’ risk of being hospitalised with Covid more than doubled after remote learning ended and schools in Scotland reopened for the autumn term last year, according to a new study.

Researchers also found that teachers working in secondary schools were more likely to end up in hospital with the virus than those working in primary or nursery school settings.


Shocking, from ‘the guardians of young morals?’

11 thoughts on “Teachers’ favourite?

  1. Helen McArdle doing her masters’ bidding, reporting a negative out of a positive which counters after all the preceding nonsense.

    Delighted to read the BBC’s “Covid in Scotland: Hospital risk ‘not higher’ for teachers” article actually doing journalism properly, my I confess my first thought was, is the Hon SS on holiday ?

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  2. Can’t find a reference to the actual study but
    “TEACHERS’ risk of being hospitalised with Covid more than doubled after remote learning ended and schools in Scotland reopened for the autumn term last year, according to a new study.”
    This makes sense.

    Most of the study period was pre delta. Even in July the cases were much lower than now. However schools went on holiday June 25th.
    This study is therefore seriously out of date and has been seized on by BBC UK to reassure English teachers returning to school with no mitigations.

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  3. I would expect that the chances of *gavinochiltree* being hospitalised “doubled”, when I had to leave the comfort and safety of my drinks cabinet, and move back into the world of “people”
    (dirty nasty and brutish–just the way I like ’em).

    Somehow BEEB Hootsmon missed out on the real storyline.—-
    “Once upon a time in deep, dark Scotland, a wicked GREEN/YELLOW OGRE threatened to send HALF of all the GOOD teachers to the hospital DUNGEON.
    None of them lived happily ever after, and they were FORCED to teach children for their living, in a safe CLASSROOM, to the UTTER dismay of the Teachers Unions”.

    Perhaps if “Scorrish” Labour or Tory branch offices had forwarded my case, I could have been “Headliner of the Day”!

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  4. Teachers have the ability and experience to keep themselves and the children as safe as possible. Professional people. Scotland has one of the best education systems in the world. Independence could make it even better. The majority of people are grateful and support the education system. Always improving. With medical science advances and discovery.

    The MSM dunces really struggle with statistics and ability. Publishing any old rubbish. The first nonsense available. Westminster propaganda. No wonder no one believes it any more. Instead getting and sharing information on the internet.


  5. All teaching staff are self testing and isolating when necessary. Children statistically are most unlikely to get it. Making schools some of the safest places by comparison. Less underling conditions. Healthier than older people. The fragilities of the human body.


  6. Wait, I thought the BritNats and their dodgy media were all crying blue murder that schools were closed for a while? Evil SNP denying kids an education, ruining their lives forever and all that. I don’t know whether Scotland is coming or going these days with the topsy turvy, rounaboutery, see saw of the BritNat media.

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