Herald just cannae get the staff to scare us

Zo, pretty dramatic eh? 17 deaths in last 24 hours, in one day? More deaths than in any one day since April 2, 6 months ago, when there were only 4?

How about July 22nd, six weeks ago, when there were 22?

Or, how about numerous days over most of the last 17 months when there were many more deaths, up to nearly 100 in January?


Were the last 24 hours that special? Nope.

How about comparison with other parts of the UK just in case we’re the Covid Capital again?

We have had the highest death rate but only for around 30 out of the last 365 days. Not exactly capital?

3 thoughts on “Herald just cannae get the staff to scare us

  1. A Scottish death is magnified, while non-Scottish deaths are minimalised. For the last year and a half.
    In care homes in England early on, Covid-19 deaths were not recorded as such–orders from the top.

    It is called *propaganda* and is an attack on democracy.

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