Covid in Scotland: Infection rates among women plummet

After mostly similar trends over the pandemic, but with periods, in May and June 2020 and from November 2020 to March 2021, when rates were higher among women, the rate for them has plummeted to around 80% of that for men, in the last few days.

The higher rate among women is largely explained by their higher exposure to risk, working in the caring professions and on their greater reliance on public transport when in low-paid work.

The continued surge amongst men seems at least in part due to mass attendance at sporting events in the last week or so. A neighbour with underlying conditions, having carefully avoided contamination for 17 months is now very unwell at home despite two jags, after spending some time with thousands of mask-free, aerosol-spraying, and hugging, football fans.

2 thoughts on “Covid in Scotland: Infection rates among women plummet

  1. Football and nightclubs. The young and the older. Opened without restrictions. Gove spreading the virus. Deadly. Vote Tory to die younger. Life expectancy going down.


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