A humiliation for Anas – how Labour can’t add and how NHS Scotland’s waiting lists are much shorter

In Scotland, as of 30 June 2021, 115 253 patients were waiting to be seen for the key diagnostic tests and 396 771 were waiting to be seen for treatment.

In England, as of 30 June 2021, 1 367 706 patients were waiting to be seen for diagnostic tests and 5 609 000 were waiting to be seen for treatment.

England has 10 times the population so might be expected to have 1 152 530 waiting for diagnostic tests but has 215 000 more and thus is around 18% worse.

England has 10 times the population so might be expected to have 3 967 710 waiting for treatment but has 1 600 000 more and thus is around 33% worse.

Leaving aside the typical Scottish Labour arithmetical skills, adding 396 000 and 115 000 to get 600 000, this reveals that NHS Scotland, as in most areas, is performing much better than NHS England






4 thoughts on “A humiliation for Anas – how Labour can’t add and how NHS Scotland’s waiting lists are much shorter

  1. Sarwar’s problem is a simple one – his calculator runs on Scottish renewables and as the UK Government imposes HUGE surcharges on transmission from Scotland he can’t afford the energy cost .
    So he has had to rely on Jackiie Baillie’s arithmetic skills – hence the usual Labour cock-up !

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  2. A humiliation for Anas? Also an exposee of Mr Sarwar’s refusal, again to acknowledge the reality of political, economic and financial agency in the UK. It is inconceivable that he is unaware of:

    – which government within the UK holds all the monetary and most of the fiscal levers, the use (or not use) of which, together with the associated, necessary political agency, determines the resources which ALL parts of the UK are able to call upon to meet health and social care (or indeed any other) needs and wants.

    Scotland’s present delivery of health and social care is performing remarkably well given how limited the basic developmental powers of government are available presently to Holyrood and have been available to Scotland since ….. when? The Act of Union?

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  3. No mention of the people in Scotland getting seen quicker. Not waiting long on waiting lists. Many people choosing not go for appointments, clinics or operations because of Covid. Freeing up places.

    People with underling conditions not attending because they are shielding or more at risk. Not going for routine treatment keeps them alive. They can be seen and helped at home. Routine treatment can be accessed by internet or telephone. Appointments made if necessary. A regular healthcare service. Repeat prescriptions can be sent to pharmacies or delivered.

    Doctors are making daily visits to people with Covid, especially people who live alone. To check on them and give help. Emergencies or acute patients are being given essential help, as usual.


  4. Once again I find it hard to understand why Nicola Sturgeon allows them to beat her up on stuff like this.

    She stands there offering excuses rather than pointing out that Scotland is performing better than the other member of the UK Union on this and several other issues.

    Accusations of whataboutery are often made when we compare Scotland to other parts of the UK but it is not whataboutery it is context.

    I’m personally getting fed up watching people on social media making a better job of talking up Scotland than the Scottish government.

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