No shortage of tubes in Scotland?

Sometimes you just notice the silence from BBC Scotland and ‘our’ MSM.

From BBC health today:

GPs are having to make difficult choices about which patients get blood tests because of the ongoing shortage of test tubes, doctors are warning.

The vials used for blood tests are currently in short supply – and the NHS in England and Wales is temporarily stopping all non-urgent testing.

Doctors say they are in a “perilous” situation and want more clarity about how long the shortage will last.

There’s something missing in the report – Scotland and Northern Ireland.

Some, like the Herald, have reported the matter but it looks like the evidence is from England & Wales.

You can be sure that if BBC Scotland had anything at all, even from one of Anas Sarwar’s medic in-laws, it’d be headlining. It’s not

Update: From reader John Metcalfe, suggesting better planning in place:

9 thoughts on “No shortage of tubes in Scotland?

  1. Not difficult to work out how this arose
    EHNS fragmented into over a hundred trusts who do procurement the Frank Sinatra way
    Whilst in Scotland all procure via a central control,order and issue in a orderly fashion
    And England finds out too late of vital supply chain shortages

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  2. Ooooooh. Glass tubes! I thought of a completely different kind of tube.

    Mind you, there doesn’t seem t be a shortage of those either…

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  3. Something else missing from report – BREXIT ?
    How many suppliers of tubes ( glass ones ! ) are from those foreign parts that Global Britain disdains ?
    And how many lorries are being delayed to allow essential supplies of Union Flegs to be imported from these same foreigners !

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  4. I’m a bit hazy on the detail, but from memory the NHS had their own borosilicate product factory/factories for years until flogged off to the private sector by HMG.

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      1. Robert
        On no surely not
        Thought every thing the Union has done,does or proposes can only but lead
        To World beating and top class
        No doubt Victor Meldrew would back me up
        ” I don’t belive it “


  5. Interesting article. My wife who goes to get her blood checked every eight weeks learned about this in the hospital a couple of weeks ago. Not Scotland she was told. She also noted two English newspapers reporting this at the end of last week. They correctly said that the problem is in England and Wales only.

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