Northern Ireland patients asked to stay away! Nobody accused of anything

From BBC Northern Ireland today:

A third Northern Ireland hospital has urged people to stay away except in cases of medical emergency.

On Sunday the Western Trust said 38 people were waiting in the South West Acute Hospital’s emergency department and 15 waiting to be admitted.

The Ulster and Craigavon Hospitals also said they were under extreme pressure.

Dr Alan Stout, British Medical Association NI’s GP committee chair, said this was a sign of just how sick people are.

He said it was not about access to GPs, and patients “largely needed to be in ED”.

Imagine that was in Scotland?

Patients told to stay away!

Their BMA rep suggesting that there is not a shortage of staff in GP practices!

No mention anywhere of the NI Health Secretary.

No one ‘accused.’

You can hear the opposition politicians on Reporting Scotland now, see their faces.

Just like BBC Wales and BBC UK/England, health issues not politicised.

Scotland? Easy meat for the rodents.

6 thoughts on “Northern Ireland patients asked to stay away! Nobody accused of anything

  1. Go to another hospital?

    Private hospital care. Insurance. In the Republic. There are exemptions. Doctor appointment €60. Hospital visit €100++. Insurance on average €20.


  2. What a disgrace that is happening at all in the so called UK. Shouldn’t the ‘UK’ government step in to help NI? It’s not looking for them, perhaps the EngGov could send in the army, oh, not a good idea.

    Scotland is gas lighted, bullied, and attacked with BritNat propaganda for a reason, to keep the fear factor going, and the lies being believed, the myth, that Scotland just isn’t ‘genetically programmed’ to manage their own affairs, or whatever it was that troughing BritNat woman in Holyrood said, not so long ago.
    When you have a media controlled by an extremely right wing country next door, any notion of democracy or being in an ‘equal union’ goes out the window.
    Scotland is a colony, an occupied country, only independence can end that backward and incredibly destructive era.

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  3. Irish Republic has much higher old age Gov pensions and twice as high welfare benefits. Society benefits. Healthcare exemptions. Much more equal society. Economic prosperity and growth. ‘Irish tiger’. Traffic problems in Dublin. Trams (was) €1 a journey. Easy flow of traffic North to South of Ireland. No borders. Now totally disrupted because of Brexit chaos and mismanagement. Shortages, higher prices. A possible return of the Troubles.

    Ireland could vote to reunite. Illegal Partition 1923. Lloyd George. Westminster deceit, betrayal and brutal imposition. A massive Home Rule/Independence movement. Five years later 1928 Universal Suffrage. Ireland could have voted for Home Rule/Independence. NI a minority. Ireland could vote to reunite because of Brexit. Support rising for reunification in NI. Demographics. Young people. They want peace and reunification. DUP in disarray. NI Assembly, Stormont was suspended. There was trouble sharing. NI Unionists broke UK rules and Laws refused to implement them.

    Irish EU membership and prosperity. EU membership brings vast benefits. Lower cost and higher standard of living. Euro. Many visitors and US trade deals etc. Irish consortium in Washington. Many US citizens of Irish (Scottish) descent. The Clearances (famine) starvation and deprivation because of Westminster brutal rule. Forced migration to others parts of the world. 10% of the US population. 340Million. Enough to swing a Pres. election. Biden of Irish decent. Trump of Scottish decent. Mother’s migrants. Strong Scottish/Irish connection. Relatives like many people in Scotland/Ireland.

    US Scottish founding fathers. The Declaration at Arbroath. The Enlightenment. Influenced the world. New ideas and freedoms. Philosophers. Liberty, freedom and fraternity. Recognised worldwide. US Independence. French Revolution. Russia Revolution. European revolts and uprising 1850’s. The Auld Alliance. Influences worldwide. Canada, Australia, NZ. Migration worldwide.

    Scottish history influences the world. Now being taught in Scotland. Curriculum. Scotland the first country to have tertiary education (14 years) according to ability to learn. Not the ability to pay. Scottish discovery and invention influenced the world because of the education system. One of the best in the world. Scotland has always had a tremendous support for education.

    TV, radio, telecommunications. Led on to the internet. Worldwide connection. Burns literature, medical science. music, Oil & Gas technology. Renewables. Scotland the best place in the world for renewables.

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