Dramatic fall in cases

There were only 3 893 cases recorded in the last 24 hours after the record high of 7 113 in the previous period.

BBC Scotland have been keen to remind us:

This number is thought to be an underestimate because of a data backlog in the system in the testing laboratories.

The Scottish Government site notes:

* Please note that we continue to see a larger proportion of specimens reported that were processed more than 48 hours ago.


Could that mean that the 7 113 cases on the previous day and the 6 835 on the 27th also have within them a number of cases delayed for 48 hours?

Might the trend actually be high but flattening?

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7 thoughts on “Dramatic fall in cases

  1. When NHS Scotland or the statistical service issues such data, they always include the caveats. Data published has always been provisional and is continually updated. So, you are right that the high numbers quoted on Sunday, could, indeed, have included a significant number of cases which had been delayed and, probably, did.

    However, BBC Scotland and the MSM are not interested in such nuances. They want a datum, which PROVES Scotland is bad. I suspect a number of them did not study maths beyond 4th year at school and, even if they did, did not understand the bits about statistics. In any case, the journalistic paradigm is that everything is bipolar – good/bad, up/down, black/white, yes/no.

    However, in the editorial room they learn the ruses of wilfully misusing data, too.

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    1. I must object to “I suspect a number of them did not study maths beyond 4th year at school and, even if they did, did not understand the bits about statistics”
      Au contraire, BBC staff understand full well maths and stats, their entire platform is based upon it and knowing which selection benefits the propaganda and which to omit, a la Marr.
      It’s GERS for broadcasting essentially.

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      1. SSSHHHH, Bob!

        The mainstream media will describe this difference of opinion between us as “Civil War breaks out in extremist NATIONALIST group, TUS. TUS is is an acronym from a Pictish phrase which means ‘Kill and maim all the Sassenachs’. “

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    2. At Travelling tabby he did state at the top of the page on Sunday, that data was delayed and therefore did not reflect true 24 hr numbers, ie it showed as higher than would otherwise have been.


  2. NOW we know why the BEEB was desperate for nightclubs to open.

    Micky Gove whose outfit owns and controls the BEEB, like a wee bit jiggin’ —especially now he is single again.

    And Micky seems to be in Scotland a LOT, these days. Could it be that the hapless, clueless, el glaikito DRossie is on the road out?

    Micky could turn the Scottish Tories into a pro-Indy party and repeat his Brexit trick in Scotland—-and stick it to Boris Into the bargain.

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