Don’t be scared off

The Herald, once more fulfilling its public duty to scare folk off going to A&E and keep the death rate going:

THE number of patients in hospital with Covid in Scotland is now the highest since March, amid warnings the NHS is “stretched”. 

The latest daily data from the Scottish Government shows there are 551 patients in hospital who have recently tested positive for the virus, up 76 per cent in just 10 days from 312 on August 20.

Cases are higher than ever but, crucially, hospital admissions are not:

Hospital admissions are still only a quarter of that at the peak in January 2021 and treatment is more effective than then.

Do not hesitate to attend if you are worried.

One thought on “Don’t be scared off

  1. Alister Smith, oh wait; Mark Jack: nope that isn’t right either.
    Jack Smith–Mark Alister??????

    Drat, these Gammons all look the same to me!

    Was it Ross Douglas or Nei Andrew……

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