Thunberg not a world leader on knowledge?

A young activist isn’t content with anything. Of course. More can and should be done.

But did she say the above? Nope.

The Swedish activist told BBC Scotland she recognised that some countries “do a bit more than others” but that none were coming close to what was needed.

I know, by definition that means the headline is strictly speaking accurate but it’s also constructed to make us, here, feel negative even though we may have things to feel optimistic about:

SCOTLAND’S world-leading renewables sector has helped catapult the country into the top three European countries producing electricity from them, according to the latest statistics.

Figures for last year from the Scottish Government show that 97% of Scotland’s electricity was produced from renewable sources and, when compared with the latest data from the European body Eurostat, for 2019, Scotland is in the top three, with only [independent] Norway and Iceland producing more electricity from renewables that us.

Amongst the other nations behind Scotland in the renewables league table are [independent] Sweden, Denmark and Germany.

Scotland is also well ahead of the UK as a whole with just over a third (35%) of its energy from renewable sources.

Thunberg is Swedish. It means backyard. Clean up your own?

8 thoughts on “Thunberg not a world leader on knowledge?

  1. Scotland, the country held back from its potential by the failure in 2014 to vote Yes and today by a large part of the population who live in a bubble and cannot understand the damage Westminster is doing to us.? Wake up, please.

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  2. Scotland is doing amazingly well all things considered. The SNP have invested in renewables, they have attracted inward investment in the industry etc. The English government however, are doing their damndest to scupper any progress made, actively working to destroy Scotland’s progress in renewables.
    If any branch of the English government in London were at the helm in Scotland, the country would be littered with fracking sites, and open cast coal mining, as well as more nuclear.
    The BritNats really really do not want Scotland to be seen in a good light re renewables, at the COP26 event. Oh no, can’t have that, so, the English government will announce a few billion pounds to be invested from their own pockets so as to take Scotland out of the dark ages of candle light and horse and carts, due to the SNP keeping Scotland poor and backward, the UK government to the rescue! Phew! Then the world will know how brilliant and benevolent and keen renewables champions the Tories and red Tories really are, rescuing a neighbour from the clutches of the
    old fashioned tartan clad, bag pipe playing overlords in their pretendy parliament over in Edinburgh.
    If Greta says Scotland’s sh**e, it must be true. Back in your box Scotland, thinking you’re better than anyone else, hah!
    Well I think Scotland’s greta! 🙂

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  3. This isnt really about the excellent Greta’s opinion, and knowledge of Scotland, but about the BBC and “news management”.
    How to turn any story, which might have the potential to be GOOD NEWS, into BAD NEWS about Scotland.

    Scotland BAAAAD! BAAAD to the bone.
    Says a colonial broadcaster.
    England? Who knows?

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    1. gavinochiltree
      Little do ABC ( BBC ) understand that very very soon their Scottish HQ @ Pacific quay will be flooded by sea water
      As the consequences of climate change amplify considerably with terrifying velocity and ferocity
      POETIC justice indeed for those lackeys of Westminster who know everything but understand nowt


  4. Of course, the BBC promoting this directly after the Greens deal went through is pure coincidence… I think you’re being a little bit hard on Thunberg’s vision of being greener, but the Kevin Keane piece doesn’t make even an attempt at explaining it, preferring the implied SG criticism line…. Again..

    Scotland is well placed literally to exploit alternate methods of electricity generation, but being tied to a partner holding the wallet and “reluctant” to see further than the profit of their “chums”, progress on reducing fossil fuel burning remains glacial across the UK.

    Cannot currently recall which island or who was visiting in a “climate change” article I read, but the author made the observation that on stepping off the boat the generators which had run in the background on every previous arrival in the harbour had fallen notably silent.
    The article went on to explore the changes alternate energy generation had brought both domestically and on transport, but one local observation stuck in my mind – They were no longer totally reliant on a fuel tender from the mainland, and had enough reserve fuel to cover unforeseen emergencies.

    To do similar in Scotland will require political drive and massive investment – Look at Dundee which boosted electric car and taxi use – A small bite in the through traffic’s pollution, but one step at a time….

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    1. The small island sounds like Eigg. When it was privately-owned, everyone had to generate their own electricity with diesel generators (from memory I think the landowner had the diesel shipped in and sold it on to the islanders at a profit). After the Eigg buy-out, the islanders got wind, solar and micro hydro generators installed, built the Eigg-Grid complete with power storage facilities for excess production and now the island is a shining example of green energy generation.

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