Mark Smith on Alister Jack? Nope, not this time

I see the FM responded to Jack’s latest wheeze but I restrained myself. Mark Smith of the Herald has picked up the ball and stumbled with it.

I’ve often been drawn in by Smith’s weird notions, but not this.

I’ll just remind you of the previous delights, that this will bring you:

Here are the first few:

Sadly, there’s more. I need a change.

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10 thoughts on “Mark Smith on Alister Jack? Nope, not this time

  1. In both cases of Smith and Jack.All this
    Has the hallmarks of emanicipating from one of the renowned dinner parties
    Where many ex Burlington club members attend which usually end up
    with a ridiculous happening or idea to spin and all a result of such spurious so called intellectuals who end up rather inebriated then run with their spiving wheeze or should i in a more fitting manner say ” pigging wheeze”


    1. Robert
      Oh yes it is but the clowns omit one essential matter
      The vote for a referendum on Indy is only held in Holyrood not Westminster
      (Or should i say in fantasy land that is Holywood)
      Thereby rendering their balloon being made of lead
      As the only place that can prevent it is a Court of Law
      And our Nuclear Weapon is
      We the citizens of Scotland are the Sovereign power, which can ever only be exercised through our elected representatives in Edinburgh
      They know this is checkmate so they scramble frantically wondering what move to make next and if they do. GAME OVER
      Or should i say Kabul


      1. A tale of two unions.
        How would England have reacted if Brussels told them that they couldn’t secede from the European Union until polls showed a continuous support for Brexit of over 60% and demanded an ultimate veto over the franchise etc.
        That is the difference between a voluntary union and a coercive one and the fundamental difference between them for those Scots who buy into the Westminster narrative that they are similar in any way.
        England has made it crystal clear that they do not believe in pooling or sharing and that unless they have complete control over any undertaking,they are not interested.
        British Labour supporters,put that in your pipe and smoke it.

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        1. bringiton
          May i suggest that whilst Brit.Labour are filling their pipe that they add to to the mix some
          Crystal Meth
          Just tell them it is sure to make them high at the polls


    2. Yep and also like this new ‘you must accept 60%’ will definitely vote yes, it was a panic last minute rule, when they knew that Scotland was about to vote then for home rule, by a huge majority. If you read ‘The Flag in the Wind’, by John MacCormick, in it he describes how a plebiscite was held in Scotland for ‘home rule’, (1940s?) and two million Scots voted for home rule, a huge majority, the result was totally rejected by the BritNat EngGov at the time.


  2. Clickbait for idiots. Groundhog herald day. Boring repetition. Broken Record.

    The Tories have never ever achieved 60% ever. Especially in Scotland. Tory 3rd losers. In an imposed electoral system without any mandate. To favour unionists.

    Tories rating -30. Any lead evaporated. . Johnston rating from Party members who selected him -3.

    Tories illegally delayed Devolution for 20 years. In Holyrood trying to destroy it.


  3. The BritNats are really terrified now, bullying the people of Scotland. ‘You must accept’, ‘must’, hmm, aye OK, whatever you say England’s man in Scotland. It’s a wee bit one sided Mr. Jack, when you and your pals at WM won’t ‘accept’ that Scotland already voted to have an independence referendum a few short months ago. You ‘must accept’ that then, all things being equal and things, no?
    Imagine he must be scared of going down in the history books as being the English secretary of state in Scotland, at the time that Scotland votes for independence, awwww!


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