BBC Scotland panic mongering but forgetting Douglas Ross

BBC Scotland, relieved that Scotland no longer has the lowest infection levels in the UK, for the moment, can return to their preferred mode of attempting to scare the pants off their aging audience but:

hospital admission levels remain at a fraction (one quarter) of those at the peak in early 2021 when NHS Scotland coped despite heavy pressure.

Deaths, too, far lower:


Scotland has vaccinated so many and:

100% of those most at risk are double vaccinated.

A worrying surge but no need to panic?

Oh yes, didn’t Douglas Ross push for an even earlier exit from lockdown so that we could have even more infections and a more perfect storm in the NHS?

Will BBC Scotland ask him about this?

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4 thoughts on “BBC Scotland panic mongering but forgetting Douglas Ross

  1. Very disturbing when the BritNat paid public servants, in their own country and their compliant media, revel in any rise in virus infection during a pandemic. DRoss says what his master’s tell him to, they say jump he says ‘how high?’

    O/T, I don’t watch BBC news but, I see there’s been yet another fire in Scotland, another tourist attraction gone? How many is that now…art schools, churches, historic sites, iconic and important observatory in an area with the darkest skies in Scotland (and the UK in fact) and famous tourist attraction restaurants, it’s really sinister, it’s too coincidental.

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  2. ArtyHetty, Think you have something here. Two weeks before the Scottish Dark Sky Observatory was burnt down the Scottish Crannog Centre met the same fate. The first burning of the Glasgow School of Art took place three months before the independence referendum and was hammer blow to the wellbeing of very many people.

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  3. The Nine 20,000 viewers. In free fall.

    Tory ratings -30. Any lead evaporating. especially in Scotland, Johnston rating by Tory Party members who elected him -3. Tory Party members, on average, are males over seventy. Vote Tory to die younger. Life expectancy going down. Austerity.

    Tory vote and support going down, especially in Scotland.

    Independence support united. The band is getting back together. Campaign, slowly starting up. To gain ground. Building up again.

    Buildings being rebuilt after devastating fires. After donations pouring in from all over the world. Even better. World famous. Waterlogged. Sunshine after the rain. Getting back in condition again. Re opening.

    GSA fiasco as a result of total unionist negligence. Still getting sorted out. Gas lightening, striking twice. Still a major tourist attraction. Like the Tram fiasco. £Billions wasted that could have been better spent. The unionist’s catastrophe. The Brexit mess. Higher prices and shortage of goods and workers. Less EU students and exchanges. Travel and education broadens the mind.


  4. Illegal bigots, misogynist racists roam the streets. The justice system is supposed to do something about it. No support it. Like the masonic unionists. Blackballing and abusing people. The unionist illegal wars. Shameless. Killing and maiming people.

    The Afghanistan evacuation a disgrace. People left behind in misery and unsafe. The Westminster incompetents cannot manage a few more flights. Military bill £55Billion. More people getting maimed and killed. Chronic chaos.

    Women abused by the Domestic Abuse Act. It cannot be dropped or appealed. Unless by those of influence, privilege and power. An illegitimate pretence at equality? By the criminal justice system. A miscarriage of justice again.

    Women who co habit (the majority) do not have equal rights with others. They have to stay in abusive, unsafe situations to keep a roof over their head because they do not have equal rights. They have to sue through the legal system/courts (1/3). It can cost £thousands and take years.

    There is little legal aid. They do not have the monies, in any case. They can lose their house, their home. Or have nowhere to go. In England the system has been changed so they can get legal aid without losing their home. Legal aid has to be paid back in any case.

    It is an utter disgrace women and children are abused and unsafe because they do not have equal rights. It is 2021. Universal Suffrage 1928. Supposed equal rights. There have been consultations for years. The politician wring their hands and do nothing. Too busy with other matters than abused. Unless it is them. . All talk and no action while women suffer. More getting harmed. 30% unrepresented.


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