Don’t touch this book on the Salmond case!

David Clegg and Kieran Andrews’ book on the Salmond case is out and reviewed in the Times today.

Don’t touch it. Don’t encourage these rats with your money.

Clegg is a deeply Unionist, anti-SNP figure, with establishment connections. Here he is on a US jolly with FM office Chief of Staff, Liz Lloyd:


James Kelly painted him clearly in January 2019:

Wings Over Scotland | The silent witness

Their appalling front page today is just the latest in a long line of examples, and David Clegg’s eagerness to promote that front page on social media will be a mark of shame until his dying day.

There is a gloating, mocking air to the words “Alexander Elliott Anderson Salmond, you are accused of…” which leaves no room for doubt that the Record’s agenda is political revenge.  I suspect that any complainant would be deeply distressed to see their accounts weaponised in that way, and also trivialised by the unmistakeable use of “Cluedo”-type language.  Meanwhile readers are clearly being invited to believe that the only salient point is that Salmond has been charged with the offences that are itemised in huge lettering.  There is only the tiniest of token nods to the fact that the charges have yet to be tested in court.  Essentially Mr Salmond’s right to a presumption of innocence has been totally disregarded.

In case you had any remaining sliver of doubt about what game the Record are playing, Salmond is branded at the bottom of the page as “the face of independence”, a point expanded on by an article by Clegg that tries to argue that the independence cause has been seriously damaged.  Anyone would think it was the Yes movement that had been charged with sexual offences.  Anyone would think that politicians from other movements and other parties are immune to criminal charges, or to the possibility of personal misdemeanours that are self-evidently unrelated to their politics.  Even very recent history tells us otherwise.

There is also justifiable suspicion as to Clegg’s sources. Gordon Dangerfield clarified this in October 2020:

In January 2019, after the Scottish Government had conceded at judicial review that Evans’s investigation of the Salmond complaints had been biased and unlawful, the Daily Record quoted Salmond’s message to his supporters:

“The Daily Record boasted of a ‘tip-off ‘ about me in October 2017. The question is from who? Perhaps we are now getting very close to finding out.”

It is now more vital than ever that we should find out, and that the inquiry should know, who provided this “tip-off” to the Daily Record.

We must find out, and the inquiry must know, how it could be that David Clegg and the Daily Record knew something about these complaints on 31 October 2017 when, so we are told, no-one in the Scottish Government, up to and including Nicola Sturgeon, had any idea about them.

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10 thoughts on “Don’t touch this book on the Salmond case!

  1. Proven totally innocent. Any charges a total stitch up.

    It is absolutely disgusting. An absolute abuse of power. Innocent people in jail. Injustice beyond belief. The ‘justice system’. Beyond contempt.

    The MSM is an absolute farce. Causing suffering and injustice. Most people get information and exchange views on the internet. Not supporting Non Dom tax evaders causing havoc and suffering worldwide. Total appalling criminal hypocrites.

    Abused women are now being charged under the Domestic Abuse Act. It cannot be dropped or appealed. Unless it would seem by those in power. A two lane justice system of corrupt privilege.

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  2. No one will buy the book a total waste of time, money and paper. The publishers will end up making a loss. Raking up more recycled rubbish. The NI illegal masonic.

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  3. I’m pretty sure Damian McBride (Brown SPAD and spin doctor) who claimed the Labour Cabinet was filled wit wife-beaters, alcoholics, drug users and worse.
    I can no longer find the quote, and it was quickly buried after it was made.
    I would not be surprised if Clegg was a “stooge” for the security services, planted in Scotland and spoon-fed stories about the “enemies of the State”!

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  4. Wow, doesn’t take long to write a ‘book’ they must have been employing lots of ghost writers. Really, who has time for this tittle tattle, bored BritNats. Another attempt to distract from the utter catastrophe of Brexit, and the English governments’ deadly mishandling of Covid infection in the UK. Looking forward to seeing this ‘book’ in the 10p section of bookshops soon.

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  5. I doubt there will be much more in this than we have already been subjected to over the past year. This is just shaking the bottle again to make it fizz and to try and make a few bucks in the process. Our media is a disgrace.

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  6. The entire SMSM were a disgrace throughout that saga, Clegg’s role in it beyond the pale.

    I’m baffled who in Scotland would give a hoot about such a book from such a man, aside the dishonourable Sarahs and Wark on the wild side types, yet the Times reviewing it suggests the London circus believes the Salmond propaganda campaign may still have legs in it yet.

    It’s hardly surprising I suppose given the tried but failed propaganda bombardment throughout the pandemic despite Gove, Jack and Bowie’s best efforts, the Union flag fiasco, they are desperate for a squirrel for Scots to be distracted by, and the Green Stooshie despite Brillo’s (how many hundred a word?) piece is sure to continue, over to our roving depressive propagandist, the man from Barra…

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  7. Clegg ( such an appropriate name for a blood sucking pest ! ) has produced a book on the Salmond case .
    I wonder what verdict HE comes to at the end ? Innocent or Guilty ?

    Well , based on Clegg’s history as a ”journalist” he will probably find new conclusive evidence that either Salmond did it or Sturgeon fabricated evidence against him – but be sure that they BOTH will be smeared by this little unionist pr*ck !

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  8. It has been alleged that book deals, like this and the post political after dinner lecture circuit are a way of paying off folk for services rendered like the time honoured brown envelopes of old.

    Surprised it isn’t Torrance who penned a book on this as he is supposed to be the expert at this kind of reheated pish


  9. It is coming out that some of ther information in the book may well be covered by the ban on releasing that after the AS trial. Also there may be ‘jigsaw identification’. Will Clegg end up in Saughton Jail? of course not, he would be classed by Lady Dorrian as a proper, responsible journalist unlike Craig Murray.


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