Sad old gits predict SNP ‘civil war’ as more than 5 000 say ‘no’ to Greens

Ian Macwhirter, Brian Monteith, Brian Taylor, Brian Wilson, Andrew ‘Provence’ Neil and Tom Gordon have been on their Whatsapp thread ‘Womentellinguswhattodo‘, this morning, gloating over the SNP failure to get full support and the Green’s ‘abject failure’ with only 80%, for their ‘coalition of chaos.’

More than 5% of SNP supporters couldn’t bear to ‘swallow the dead rats’ as Glenn ‘Lineman for the County of Buckinghamshire’ Campbell, put it so professionally. That’s around 5 000 members!

Another media-constructed civil war is on the way, to their crusty old brains.

12 thoughts on “Sad old gits predict SNP ‘civil war’ as more than 5 000 say ‘no’ to Greens

  1. I prefer “Glenn ‘Lieman for the County…”, Lineman is to easily confused with the Forres Gump.

    I see that on news of the vote, said Lieman sprang immediately to “Scottish Greens back historic government deal” to give the usual muppet quotes an outing from Juan Kerr and Anus Sarwar, then some follow-up crystal ball gazing with “The deal is done – so what lies ahead?”.

    His contribution to the “media-constructed civil war” was his classic, “It seems to me to leave plenty of scope for future tensions between the two parties”, an opinion none asked for. and even fewer are interested in.
    It did afford him the opportunity to repeat the “swallowing a few dead rats” line and describe it as colourful, carefully avoiding any explanation it is NZ slang for compromise.

    But the Gammon award definitely goes to Brillo’s histrionics which has caused considerable mirth, notably among the Scottish Greens

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    1. Every party has to accommodate compromise that’s what annual Conferences are all about. Beyond that Politics if you take it as ‘ achieving the possible ‘ has to be about compromise too. Those that refuse to countenance compromise fail usually sooner rather than later.

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      1. Correct.
        Hence my observation on his deliberate choice on at at least two occasions to avoid any explanation of what the term means.
        The intent was clearly to convey something vile and repugnant, bias by omission.


  2. Definitely losing members makes it more difficult in some quarters. Others gaining. Three parties still remaining of Independence persuasion. Now people have more choice. An increased amount of Parties and members. Increases support. Just more choice. A good thing for the Independence goal. Still United. Support rising and more people voting for the choice. A wider access and representation. Women still 30% lack of representation.

    Tories losing. Tories rating – 30. Any lead evaporating. Johnston membership approval -3. Supporting declining, endlessly. In chaotic chaos. Support for Independence 50%+ and rising.

    Campaigning starting up again. Pandemic easing. Independence support succeeding. Activities set to increase once more. A blip but everyone wanting to do some more. To get going again for successful campaigning.

    Universal Suffrage 1928. Independence by 2028. No bother. Nearly hundred years of campaigning. No long to go now. The long wait will be over. A better, more equal and prosperous future. It is not too late. On the horizon. Nearly over the line. Campaigning just needs to get going again. For successful outcome.

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  3. The “Gammonista’s” of UltraBrit nationalism strike again.

    What do we know?
    They have been wrong before, and will be wrong this time.

    Whistling in the dark, with their friend “DRossie the Whistler only adds to the pathos.

    What else do we know?
    Well, Theresa May offered a second EU referendum three years after the first.
    She had a minority government.
    She had no electoral mandate to do so.
    She did not have to “jocularly” wait 40 years to do so.
    She did not have 60% polling support for a “long period”.
    In fact I cannot recall Alister Jack saying ANYTHING at all.
    Or the BBC, Hootsmon, Herod, London Times, Torygraf, Heil, Supress et al. Not a headline or Editorial to be seen about May’s referendum.
    Strange, eh?

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  4. The Fuel that is the rocket propellant of
    Fear for our Foes is Unity
    Unionists now have to look both ways from now on
    Given their past tactics and subsequent failures in implementing Baddddddd SNP
    They now have to
    Baddddd Greens
    Baddddd coalition
    3 huge Banana skins await their next step

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  5. For what is worth while I got the opportunity to vote I didn’t out of conscience as I temporarily suspended my SNP membership until the ‘missing funding’ debacle was cleared up to my satisfaction. That aside I warmly welcome the ‘agreement’ as after centuries of missue I have longed to see much of Scotland’s land returned to its original state, to encourage Eco tourism and all the other health benefits that come with a greener environment. As a 73yo I truly hope that on Independence my children and grandchildren will come to enjoy our countryside as it should be enjoyed and not preserved for the few and rich.
    I also suspect that many of those 5% are followers of WOS who over many months/years have often voiced their displeasure at many of the Greens proposals which is disappointing.


  6. A ”Coalition of Chaos ” was quoted to describe an SNP-Greens pact at Holyrood .

    What term could possibly describe a pact with McWhirter , Wilson , Neil , Taylor , Monteith , not forgetting Uncle Tom Gordon ?
    Then I realised that Prof . John had nailed it with his Headline – Bunch of Sad Old Gits !
    Yesterday’s men talking shite among themselves – sorta sums up the Unionist Commentariat !


  7. It’s got to be a winner, given the sheer terror and fear coming from the BritNats. Can you imagine what’s being said behind closed doors at Westminster, the emails to their wee lackeys in branch offices of Tory and the red Tories, in fact Labour must now know they will always be a third party at best, in Scotland. Wha wha, hahaha.
    The branch office jobworths in Scotland are no doubt panicking, they will have to listen to the SNP and Greens at Holyrood, sit down and shut up basically, brilliant.
    FMQ’s is going to be my weekly go to for entertainment from now on, watching the BritNats squirm and seeing their twisty faces will be a bonus.

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