Young Scots coming forward for JAGS in greater numbers

In the above BBC Scotland report on jabbing, we see:

In a slightly earlier report for the UK vaccination rates by age:

If we stop the Scottish graph lines just a bit to the left, we can make a reasonable comparison.

One, around 72% of Scottish 18-29 had had their first jag by the 18th August while less than 60% did across the UK.

Two, 16-17 year-olds are not included on the UK graph even though by then upwards of 30% had been jagged in Scotland.

Three, and perhaps most striking, is the gap between UK (65%) and Scottish (72%) 30-39 year-olds.

I appreciate there has been a bit of estimation here but given that Scotland is ahead on overall vaccinations, the trend for the younger ones is unlikely to have changer significantly in the last few days.

10 thoughts on “Young Scots coming forward for JAGS in greater numbers

  1. I think the jag/jab is developing into a culture war on the part of BBC Scotland. I think that the announcers emphasise ‘jaBBBB’.

    We have had this ‘slow uptake fears’ scare from BBC Scotland for every age group below 55 years. The BBC Health statistics correspondent seems to be pretty unbiased in his presentations of data, but he is not a BBC Scotland person.

    The graphs are markedly similar in their trends for each age group. When I saw the one for the younger group visually I thought it was showing a faster growth in uptake than several of the other groups.

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  2. The lower percentage of the vaccine take up in England is due to the lack of boxers available to deliver a jab! It’d certainly put me off getting a vaccine 😂

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  3. We Scots will soon be given the opportunity to receive a far more effective jab and one that will not be available in England
    But you will still have to
    1.Be given a official piece of paper
    2. Register
    3.Go into a booth
    4.Lift your arm
    Then. Vote yes
    The efficacy is most affective against
    Lies,derision,Be made to swallow medicine that is most harmful to your well being,Robbery,and generally shall not only protect you but greatly enhance
    Your life chances as the years progress
    Little or no serious effects are generally known as previous evidence of this jab to well over 60 nations have clearly demonstrated


  4. The young are going out to nightclubs with no restrictions. Spreading the virus. Restrictions to be introduced in September.

    Even two jabs people can still get it. Going back to uni soon. Further outbreaks? Less deaths among the young. %.


    1. Nope wrong. They have to wear masks in nightclubs, no doubt unless sipping their drinks. I talked to young guy at local shop whos says he went to nightclub, wearing masks not a problem, he had a good time. Ideally aye, they would not be open, but a sit is, it’s not a devil may care attitude quite, at least in Scotland.


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