‘Wiping out the benefits of progressive SNP policies’

Fifth of people in working UK households trapped in relative poverty | The  Independent | The Independent
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From SNP Media:

The SNP has said the Scottish Tories are making hundreds of thousands of Scottish families poorer by rubber-stamping £1040 cuts to Universal Credit – as new research reveals over a third of families in Scotland will be hit by the Tory cuts.

On BBC Good Morning Scotland this morning, Scottish Tory Health spokesperson Craig Hoy MSP defended the cuts, which will slash the incomes of 400,000 people in Scotland, despite a growing rebellion of Tory MPs in England joining the SNP and anti-poverty campaigners in opposition to the move.

New research from the Joseph Rowntree Foundation, published today, has revealed that more than one in three (37%) families with children in Scotland will lose £1,040 per year, if the Tory cuts go ahead next month – including 3,150 families with children in Douglas Ross’s marginal Moray constituency.

Later this morning, SNP Westminster Leader Ian Blackford MP, SNP Shadow Work and Pensions Secretary David Linden MP, and SNP Shadow Chancellor Alison Thewliss MP will visit a Trussell Trust foodbank in Glasgow before door-knocking in the city to raise awareness as part of a day of action against the Tory Universal Credit cuts.

Commenting, SNP Shadow Work and Pensions spokesperson David Linden MP said:

“The Scottish Tories are deliberately making 400,000 Scottish families poorer by rubber-stamping Boris Johnson’s devastating plan to cut Universal Credit by £1040 a year.

“It beggars belief that Douglas Ross and his Scottish Tory MPs are spinelessly backing these cuts, despite knowing that more than a third of families with children in Scotland will see their incomes slashed.

“The UK already suffers from the worst levels of poverty and inequality of any country in north west Europe, and thanks to Tory cuts in-work poverty has risen to record levels this century. There must be an urgent U-turn or more families will be pushed into crisis.

“It’s now beyond doubt that the Tories have no intention of building a fair recovery from covid – instead they are cementing poverty and inequality with more austerity cuts, which will wipe out the benefits of progressive SNP policies like the Scottish Child Payment.

“Independence is the only way to keep Scotland safe from Tory cuts. It is essential that Scotland becomes an independent country, with the full powers needed to boost incomes, eradicate poverty, and build the strong, fair and equal recovery we need.”

7.51am, BBC Good Morning Scotland interview with Scottish Tory Health spokesperson Craig Hoy MSP defending Tory cuts to Universal Credit – https://www.bbc.co.uk/sounds/play/live:bbc_radio_scotland_fm

8 thoughts on “‘Wiping out the benefits of progressive SNP policies’

  1. Shameless hucksters.
    “Scorrish” (sic) Tory sheeple politicians.

    Tax cuts for the rich–“to encourage them to work harder”.
    Tax hikes for the poor-“to encourage them to work harder”.

    DRossie flying to his paid job in London.
    DRossie flying to his paid job in Embra’.
    DRossie flying to “run a line”, somewhere, anywhere.

    He could be driving a lorry up and down the road—make himself useful for a change!

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  2. As Tory research has shown over centuries to make poor people work harder you need to cut their pay and to make rich people work harder give them tax cuts and pay rises beyond the rate of inflation. It makes sound moral sense when you think about it illogically.

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  3. The Tory mentality is that ”cuts” are a good thing .
    ”Cuts” to income tax gives them more money in their pockets !
    ”Cuts” to Corporation Tax gives them more money in their off-shore accounts !
    ”Cuts” to Benefits gives the wok shy more incentive to go and get a job !
    ”Cuts” to Benefits allow for a rise in daily expenses for the House of Lords !

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  4. It is so bloody obvious for the last 40 yrs
    That all this is just another small gog in the policy machine of Westminster policies not only Tory but Libs & lab rats fully signed up paid members of the Neo Capitalist cabal
    That they know full well that the great 5 tier massive cake of Imperial wealth is now fast reducing, that now it is only the last and smallest tier available to be placed upon their feasting table
    And little or no access to baking skills ,bakers or bakeries to replenish what they have gorged upon and squirlled away or wasted in their vanity projects of Imperial grandeur ( £ 24 billion in Afghanistan alone)
    All in full knowledge that soon there shall not even be crumbs to sweep off their
    Big table for the plebs to be thankful for
    Not believe me just wait
    NHS,State Pensions & Most welfare benefits have to be sold off now for the ordering of any cup cakes that can now be obtained
    What you shall witness from now on is a cleverly disguised feeding frenzy as they enter last chance saloon
    They now have zero influence globably
    As the Chickens of Brexit, Afghanistan and chronic indebtedness of the Great British Empire are now metabolising through there gut and only one thing can now be passed out by them and that is none other than Sh*t
    A old Buhhidist proverb
    ” Let ye who cuts the cake take the smallest portion “

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  5. I wonder how much it amounts to in money terms, in Scotland? Of course soon as the poorer folk in society have their meagre income chopped back, they cannot spend locally, they cannot pay bills, including council tax (reduced or exempt depending on circumstances) or water charges (payable by everyone) and of course, council rents. Win win for the Tories, removing money from the local economy, what there is of it, and from councils, and if they are not BritNat councils even better, the Tories are delighted as are the British nationlist parties in Scotland.
    People end up in debt as well, and guess who have their dirty paws in collecting that debt, owning some of the debt companies? Yep.

    Be good if there was a way to raise funds, I don’t know, what about a bank of sorts, where those with spare cash, could donate a few £’s, and it could be paid to those who have to face terrible cuts (Tory/red Tory austerity on the poor) to a tiny income, I suppose it sounds like a money giving charity. Foodbanks are necessary, appallingly, in the UKOK in 2021, but as well, maybe money banks could be set up? I am obviously no economist, so probably the daftest idea anyone has ever heard of…

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  6. Scotland’s tax administration could be used to readjust and mitigate these cuts. The £10 children payment to lower income household could alleviate these cuts. Or a possible increase in other payments to alleviate these cuts. Young people are soon to get transports costs.

    Elderly women (live longer) and students (4 years) are the poorer in society. £7,000 a year for the poorer. They can get other benefits increase. To mitigate Westminster cuts. There can be ways around it. Fuel/energy fund for lower income households. There should be a UK (old age) pension increase in line with price increases.

    Scotland’s (UK) pensions and welfare benefits are paid from tax revenues raise in Scotland. The monies go down to Westminster Treasury and comes back. £15Billion? a year depending on employment levels. Higher unemployment. Increased benefits. Lower unemployment. less benefits payment.


    1. As Scots in general die younger than those in England, especially those who’ve spent a lifetime in poverty, it is quite likely that Scotland does not get as much in proportion to the population of pensioners as England.


  7. NHS.
    Main 6pm BBC news. Item on Waiting lists.
    NI 24.4% of people in NI on waiting lists
    Wales 19. 6%
    England 9.6%
    Scotland 8.6%

    May not have remembered the figure after the decimal points quite accurately but the main numbers are correct

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