Scotsman turns SNP £1bn package into Sturgeon vs GPs conflict


As with the Herald, we see the usual pro-Union knee-jerk selection of an image of a senior SNP politician to frame a health story.

So, so different from the negative framing of working-class trade unions like the NUM or the RMT back in the 80’s, the GP reps are platformed uncritically, evidence-free, to undermine a major SNP Government programme.

Remember, Scotland’s has far more GPs per head than England – 76 per 100K compared to only 58 per 100K. If they can’t cope with a bit more F2F, like they did only just over a year ago, what hope is there for England?

And, that £1bn plan? NHS England with 10 times the population is only getting £6.6bn!

Here’s how the English media report stories of recovery:

No image of the Health Secretary, no accusation levelled at him.

9 thoughts on “Scotsman turns SNP £1bn package into Sturgeon vs GPs conflict

  1. And, of course, Good Morning Scotland gave the trade union secretary air time and, then followed it up by reading out a long text from ‘name’ which endorsed these views. They then read a shorter text dissenting from the trade unionist’s view. Ye’ll huv hud yer balance, then?

    It would be interesting to measure what proportion of Radio Scotland news programmes are given over to texts and vox pops. A number of times I have heard a text being read out ‘from someone who has just been in Waitrose in Byres Road who reports ABSOLUTELY NO-ONE is wearing a mask’ when I go in, shortly after I find that ABSOLUTELY EVERYONE is wearing a mask.

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    1. But the BBC wear’s a mask—when they ROB Scotland of its licence fee moneys; proper independently-minded journalism; news analysis; context; perspective.
      Sport. History. Culture. Drama. Documentary. And all the rest that normal, western, democratic, pluralist societies enjoy.

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  2. Aren’t GP’s responsible for running their own surgeries? So if they get extra funding they can spend on how they see fit as long as patient appointments don’t suffer. If funding is available for more F2F then everyone benefits.

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  3. Unlike the government in England,the Scottish government doesn’t have a stealthy privatisation agenda for our health service.
    Something to look forward to when BoJo and pals decide that the SG has failed to deliver adequate public health,forcing them to take over runing of it from London.
    GP’s whose health boards do not support the Tory party will then find themselves on the receiving end of huge cuts to their budgets,forcing them to charge patients for consultations etc.
    No doubt this would be touted by the unionist press in Scotland as the only solution to a problem caused by the very political system they support.
    One thing is for sure,the MSM in Scotland are not functioning as a public service,certainly not the Scottish public.

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  4. One has to speculate that the absence of English Health chiefs in media stories is deliberate , to prevent further panic among the electorate if they were to glimpse the numpty who was making life and death decisions !

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  5. There are changes in consultations methods etc. There has been for some time. Technology and e-mail, computer access. Zoom etc,. Even doctor to doctor in outreach clinics. To patients in more remote areas. Helicopter or airplane transport arranged to hospital.

    For routine consultations it is possible to be done by phone or e-mail saving time etc for minor aliments. Hospital appointments can be sooner. Less waiting times because many people are not going for minor appointments or operations because of covid. They are choosing or willing to wait longer to be safer.

    Some people sent an e-mail. A return phone consultation. Then a hospital appointment was arranged. Less waiting time, then expected. A Clinic appointment. Two letters and two texts. Given a x-ray and pain injection. Sooner than expected. An excellent service. Even in a pandemic. Busy consultant clinic. Maximum attendance. Elder people are often given more consideration. They use the system more frequently.

    Doctors have been going around visiting Covid patients every day. To see they are OK, especially if they live alone.


  6. Doctor get funding according to number of patients. Age group etc, certain payments for certain conditions or inoculations. To encourage attendance. Prevention is better than cure.


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