Tories give up on fishing industry

Boris's last push for Brexit sees him kissing fish and posing for selfies  in a gruelling final day of campaigning
Credit: PA: Press Association

From SNP Media:

The SNP has branded the UK government’s efforts to fix the catastrophic hard Brexit issues crippling Scotland’s vital seafood industry as “risible and woefully inadequate”.

The final report of the UK Government’s Scottish Seafood Exports Taskforce was published yesterday on the progress made to mitigate the calamitous effects on Scottish seafood exports caused by the UK Government’s hard Brexit.

Commenting on the report, SNP MSP for Banff and Buchan Karen Adam said: “After just six months and only eight meetings, the Westminster government’s taskforce has submitted its final report so you might expect that the numerous problems faced by our vital seafood industry have been resolved. Spoiler alert – they have most certainly not and the job is not even half done.

“So many of the catastrophic effects of this Tory hard Brexit continue, such as the chronic shortage of vital workers from Europe who can no longer work here because of the ending of freedom of movement.

“It would be churlish not to recognise that the taskforce has made some progress to improve export paperwork. But the sum of these changes are risible and woefully inadequate for many seafood businesses caught up in masses of red tape and new trade barriers created by Brexit.

“Businesses are still facing many challenges to exporting, with further changes expected. Make no mistake, this disastrous situation is wholly the creation of Boris Johnson’s hard Brexit government, aided and abetted by their Scottish Tory yes men.

“For the Scottish Tories to start to wind up the taskforce now, when so many crucial issues remain outstanding, is nothing short of negligent. The SNP has called on the Tories to extend this taskforce until a satisfactory outcome is achieved. So far our requests have fallen on deaf ears.

“For the future of Scotland’s coastal communities, the Tories must rethink their abrogation of responsibility. Important Scottish businesses and the livelihoods of many people remain at risk. This is a mess of the Tories’ making – it’s up to them to fix it.”
Notes – The UK government final report can be found here:

10 thoughts on “Tories give up on fishing industry

  1. Advisors to the Brexiteers apparently claimed that fishing and farming were of little significance to the UK (SE England) economy so could be ignored.
    Apart from the fact that these sectors are of far greater importance to Scotland,how successful have they been in making arrangements for the sectors they do regard as important (finance)?
    When decisions are made,exclusively to benefit one part of a state to the detriment of all the rest,then that state as an entity is finished.
    Don’t think Johnson has enough money in the kitty to level up the North of England as well as Scotland and this wil create even more friction in future.
    Their tangled web is constructed from teflon.

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  2. As long as Johnson finds something for the Protestant Boys of the Scottish Fisherman’s Federation (who represent a few individuals with very large sea-going trawlers) nothing else will matter to BBC Scotland. As for the rest of the various Scottish fishing organisations, who represent the great majority of the industry in Scotland, he and BBC Scotland could not give a monkey’s. It is, as they point out a tiny part of BRITAINS’s economy.

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    1. Yep and Scotland is collateral, again. In fact, the EngGov no doubt see the demise of fishing communities in Scotland as an opportunity for them, depopulating Scotland’s beautiful coasts as they did the countryside, what’s not to like for a Tory wanting to build very very expensive housing for their rich pals…given England has no land left to develop.

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  3. I do and honestly believe that when Representatives of Scotland arrive in London to discuss with Westminster matters of great importance that
    Upon the room door to the rooms they are scheduled to meet within are locked
    And a notice pinned up

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  4. I remember when the Scottish representative was locked out of the room on fishing talks when we were still in the EU nothing has changed tories are still anti Scotland,and how about this one.
    Alister Jack says indyref2 could take place if support for Yes is above 60 per cent
    I always thought they did not take any notice of polls as far as I am concerned 51% will do.

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  5. That’s what they get for voting for Brexit. Everyone else has to sort out the mess. Facing higher prices and shortages. Some people never learn. Warned and warned again. Turkeys voting for Christmas and shortages. Scotland did not vote for it. Independence will sort it. Support increasingly.


  6. “Are you going back to Scotland for a holiday, Mr Johnson”?

    “Scotland–haha. Over my dead body”!

    Prime Minister for the Union? The Oxford Union, that is!”

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