The Herald wins ‘Hide the facts to protect the Tories’ award again

Under that softest wee headline, the Herald notes:

A TASK FORCE set up to help the Scottish seafood industry has produced its final report.

The group was established as a reaction to complaints by producers and exporters that Brexit had caused damaging delays in getting seafood into the EU and beyond.

The Herald report does go on to be quite critical offering numerous better headlines but they chose the one above. Most notably, they spotted that the report was quietly published yesterday with no statement from Westminster as is normal in these cases.

The SNP Press Release was more punchy:

Commenting on the report, SNP MSP for Banff and Buchan Karen Adam said: “After just six months and only eight meetings, the Westminster government’s taskforce has submitted its final report so you might expect that the numerous problems faced by our vital seafood industry have been resolved. Spoiler alert – they have most certainly not and the job is not even half done.

As for the authors of the report:

The Taskforce’s remit was to act as an overarching body delivering action on medium to long-term issues for the industry, and to complement the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs’ (Defra) weekly seafood working groups, with the aim of increasing confidence in the seafood and aquaculture supply chains.

As for the report:

The Taskforce’s remit was to act as an overarching body delivering action on medium to long-term issues for the industry, and to complement the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs’ (Defra) weekly seafood working groups, with the aim of increasing confidence in the seafood and aquaculture supply chains.

We all know what that means. ‘Overarching body‘ – uninvolved; ‘medium -to long-term issues‘ – things that don’t really matter to saving businesses and jobs now; ‘Increasing confidence’ – deceiving.

11 thoughts on “The Herald wins ‘Hide the facts to protect the Tories’ award again

  1. They, the tories have broken all the vote winning brexit promises to the white fish industry, they had ignored the inshore boats completely and failed the industry as a whole. If any fisherman votes Tory again someone needs to phone for the white van and get them incarcerated for lunacy.

    As for the Herald!! A herald is a bringer of news, nowhere in the dictionary does it say distorter of news. How can this Scottish version of Pravda survive scrutiny? Only when read by a unionist.

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  2. The Herald is certainly NOT The Fishermen’s Friend – nor are the Tories !
    And yet … will the fishing communities still flounder around and vote for a group who gutted and filleted their industry ?

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  3. Could the fishing industry folk in Scotland not see what would happen post Brexit?
    It’s enough to drive anyone to despair, the obvious catastrophe that is Brexit, it was never going to be good nor benefit anyone but the very rich and powerful.
    If Scotland was independent now, how utterly tragic it’s not, trade with the EU27 would be bouyant, no pun intended. As it is, Scotland’s industries face a bleak future, and more (since Thatcher) destroyed communities and depopulation will be the result.

    Independence can’t come soon enough, I just hope it won’t be too late.

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    1. Brexit was about selling the lie, everybody believed their own version of sunny uplands and some still believe it’s just around the corner, then the next corner, Unicorns ad nauseum…
      Cooperatives and inshore specialist will have been hardest hit by the double whammy of Brexit and Covid, but it will have concentrated their minds on the Indy question as never before.
      As one observer noted on the argument – The entire aquaculture industry is a tiny fraction of what London generates, hence no great loss.
      History has repeatedly followed the same logic, dismissing the well-being of entire communities as an irrelevance – My earliest experience of it was Dr Beeching shutting the Paddy Line.
      It is not a question of whether they can survive another 10 years until EU markets become available again, rather it is do they have any alternative ?

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  4. More Tories will be voted out. More people will vote and support Independence. An end to Brexit. The Tory mess and shambles will have to be sorted out. A catastrophe. Especially in Scotland.


    1. Nope Tories are more popular than ever, in England, possibly scarily rising support in Scotlandas well, due to people moving into Scotland, ironically to escape the backward policies of er, the EngGov. Brexit is here to stay, and yes Scotland is in great peril because of it.


      1. I wouldn’t hang too much on “due to people moving into Scotland”, they moved for a reason and 99 times out of a hundred it was not based on getting rid of “Krankie” rather than a better quality of life.
        It’s the old Empire pitchforks and torches game, divide and conquer.

        Scots have endured a torrent of negativity from the meeja, rent-a-gob from Milton-Keynes on BBC and Herod comments bring “Wur doomed” day in day out, it’s been psychological warfare for years…
        Add in the “We could have done this in 2016 brigade” and “Murrel ate my hamster” stories folks will inevitably feel down, that’s what the propaganda is supposed to do…

        But come the day Indy officially kicks off officially the depression will lift in an instant, whether Scots or any other born, they will unite as Scots..
        It’ll be the same McConnachie (Manky Jaiket) with his sad micro-contingent screaming their bile, it’ll be the same Alister Flounce-Jack and DRoss talking the ether, the same HMS Sarah Smith pronouncing doom and gloom 24/7, the same Johnson et al speaking from HQ to the colonies, and yet nobody will pay them the slightest attention.

        It is not English in Scotland which are our problem, 95% of them would welcome indy2 in a heartbeat now they’ve seen the other side of the mirror, it is faith we all want the same freedom from London…
        Kicking off at ca 50% YES before the campaign is even begun ? The Union is gubbed…


  5. The Tories unionists have know for weeks they had to evacuate people from Afghanistan. Yet they have failed again. The absolute shambles and mess. Totally shameless. They could not organise anything. A few more flights would have done it. Instead of leaving people on the tarmac and waiting. The military bill £55Billion. They could not evacuate a few people. Too busy causing trouble trying to annoy China. 1.4Billion people. Military bill $228Billion.

    They have to take in migrants while deporting others. The migration policy a total mess. Along with Brexit. They are killing people. Costing even more human lives at home and abroad. Ruining the world economy and killing people. The Westminster callous incompetents. Most of them should be in jail.

    The UK/US have been illegally selling arms to the Saudis, Qatar and Israel since the 1960’s. Kept it secret under the Official Secrets Act. Breaking International Law. The Unionists and Royalty taking bribes and donations. Totally illegally. They use the arms to subjugate their own people and others. The Qataris fubd the Taliban.

    Saudi the highest spend (pro rata). 33million (11million migrants) pop. Military spend $65Billion. US military spend $740Billion. Pop 340million. The highest in the world. Nearly 1/3 of the total world spend a year. $1901Billion. How much more could be done with that revenue to help people and eradicate poverty. Instead of blowing the world to bits.,

    The Millionaire fishing companies/owners fund the Tory Party. To ruin the fishing industry. Throwing back dead fish. The EU conservation policies tried to stop them. By changing methods to use bigger nets. It was happening. Workers were coming from all over the world because of poor, bad conditions of employment in fishing. There were better occupations available.

    Profits from the fishing industry are used to fund illegal wars. Brexit putting up prices and shortages ruining the industry. UK Unionist policies.


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